The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, December 31, 2007

Bessemer Opinions Top Twelve

Two posts in one day? I figured a lot of people are at work today and bored, so here is something to amuse. But be sure and read the other post of the day as well.

The editorial board of Bessemer Opinions got together and came up with this list of the dozen top posts (or stories) of 2007. Seems that everywhere you turn there is a top 10 or so list, and we had a hard time whitling it down to ten, thus 12. These are not in order of importance, rather they are in chronological order, beginning in February, when Bessemer Opinions first began publishing. I realize there are 14 links here. But 12 stories (or 13).

February 12. Western Star and Tim Hardaway

This was one of the first stories to report the way The Western Star distorts the truth, and the story got me emails from across the nation. Bessemer Opinions will always expose lies, hypocrisy and plagiarism.

March 27 and 29.
Birmingham Falls Flat on Its Face

Birmingham: She's Fallen and She Can't Get Up

These two posts are related to Birmingham's failure to pass an inclusion resolution, which a few weeks later they passed unanimously.

March 1. Who I Would Not Like To Be

This post is about Katherine Jefferts Schori, the presiding bishop of the Episcopal church. I admire her for doing the right thing in spite of misguided opposition. I often post about Episcopal happenings, mainly because they are on the cutting edge of inclusive theology. Full disclosure, I am a wandering Methodist.

April 26. Pat Tillman, Tom Delay and Gun Control

This story just about made me sick. Hypocrisy and spinning by war crazy people.

April 23. Earth Day II, Human Responsibility

The environment is one of the most pressing issues of the day (and has been since the beginning).

May 10. Hatred in Alabama, From a Trailer in Bay Minette to Goat Hill

This one just about makes one sick as well, but hatred against gays has got to stop.

June 21. Murder - 1956

I included this story then and now because I want the people responsible for this to feel guilty, and I want those who might know something to come forward.

July 12. Joe's Theology

I am not shy about revealing my opinions about any subject.

September 15. The Changing Face of Bessemer

There was a lot of important news out of Bessemer this year, and this story is about news that has not even happened yet. But I feel (and hope) that what is offered here is more important than what our city leaders do and don't do, because this looks beyond the next election, which is something the elected officials have a hard time doing. Another very important news story about bessemer was This one announcing The Western Tribune hitting the steets.

October 29. Western Star and Global Warming

This post explores one of the stupidest statements ever in print. The reason it is important is that if people don't wake up and understand what climate change is doing to our planet, and accept that as humans we bear some responsibility for it, we are doomed.

November 2. Consider This an Announcement

This was my announcment that I am running for a delegate seat to the Democratic National Convention as a Hillary Clinton delegate. We will see how the voting goes, and if I don't win a spot that way, all is not lost. Stay tuned.

November 15. Intelligent Design is not Science

I have been a student of science since elementary school, and my current studies are scientific in nature as well. I hate to see misinformation touted as fact.

Happy New Year.

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