The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Support for Clinton, and a Busy December Day

I should have remembered, because I wrote these predictions in September:

Prediction # 2. Alan Keyes has filed papers and announced he is running for President.

Remember Alan, he's the guy who called Mary Cheney a selfish hodonist.

Actually he didn't say that, he just agreed when asked the question by Michelangelo Signorile.

Mike Signorile: "So Mary Cheney is a selfish hedonist, is that it?"

Alan Keyes: "Of course she is. That goes by definition. Of course she is."

Anyway, back to the prediction. Alan Keyes will not win the presidency.

But I was sure surprised to hear Keyes' voice during the republican debate yesterday. I admit, I didn't listen to more than 15 minutes of it while driving home and then fixing my lunch, but I did see Keyes standing up on the stage with the rest of the stooges.

I still stand by that prediction: Alan Keyes will not win the presidency.

ButI learned long ago not to make bold predictions on politics or Auburn football, because one can never be sure how an election or a game against Georgia (or Mississippi State) will turn out.

But the article in the Birmingham News by Phillip Rawls today (for which there is no link at this moment) about Ron Sparks joining the Hillary Campaign makes me think that Clinton could do much better in the south, including Alabama, than people think.

While Lucy Baxley had her comments about Hillary used against her as being "too liberal for Alabama," Sparks is being pragmatic in endorsing Clinton with the hopes that after she is elected she will work with him (as commissioner of Agriculture) and the people of Alabama. He says he feels a connection with Senator Clinton, but has had the opposite reaction from the president and his agriculture secretary. "I've seen no respect," Sparks says.

There is no question that Sparks has been one of the most effective and most influential commissioners of agriculture our state has had, and this carries over to national recognition as he will become president of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture in June 2008.

Maybe I will meet Ron Sparks this weekend, as we will be attending a private reception with Ann Lewis (former White House Communications Director and Senior Advisor to Hillary Clinton for President), in support of Hillary. Ann Lewis has a long list of credentials and accomplishements, summed up here (wiki). She also happens to be the sister of U. S. Congressman Barney Frank. It promises to be an interesting afternoon.

Hillary could surprise a lot of people in this state, because as it becomes more apparent that her leadership, experience and knowledge are what is needed to return America to it's position of leadership in the world, and to move our country forward on the issues that are important to us, then more Alabamians will fill in the little circle by her name (and in District 7, by my name as well, as a delegate to the convention) in February...and again in November.

Saturday will be a busy day, though, as we have three more events that evening: a Christmas Around the World party, a party congratulating a friend who is receiving his PhD from UAB in Public Health, and the Bessemer Historical Homeowner's Association Christmas Party at Hillcrest Manor. Here is more about the home from the BHHA site.

And for last final exam for this semester!!!

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