The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The D. C. Magisterium

A couple of corrections from yesterday. First, it seems the Mayor is paying the schools only $2.5 million, not 3.5 million. Oh well, it's still a bunch of money.

And Dale (who yesterday claimed he never called my blog illegitimate in a comment he posted on Dec 4 blog) tells me that The Western Star did have a reporter at the council meetings, and I need to get my facts straight. Let's see, that's two mistakes for me, 8,764 for him. Just a joke.

I got to thinking about the $52,000 reserve the mayor says the city has after the payments. That's not much for a city to have in the bank, and it won't come close to paying Herman Lehman what the city is going to owe him after he wins a well deserved judgement against the mayor.

And isn't payroll coming up?

The Golden Compass (New Line Cinema) opens tomorrow here and I predict crowded theaters. There is something in this movie for everyone. Besides a fantasy story with talking animals and such,

there is the Coca Cola bear on steroids,

Nicole Kidman looking marvelous,

and Daniel Craig looking...well...the only bad thing is that he doesn't have a lot of screen time in the movie (neither does Nicole, by the way).

There are those who claim this movie is anti-Christian or anti-religion. No more so than, say, invading another country under false pretenses or lying about the nuclear capabilities of another middle eastern country to promote another unjust war.

People need to worry more about the message our children are receiving from the current administration than what they will see on this silver screen. Children and their parents are smart enough to understand fantasy such as depicted in this movie, but the high crimes and misdemenours of the Bush/Cheney administration are real, and affect our lives and unfortunately the future of the country and the earth. In the movie, according to Christian writer Albert Mohler, "The Magisterium, representing church authority, is afraid of human freedom and seeks to repress human sexuality".

Does this not sound like the White House? Their fear of human freedom is translated into restricting our constitutional freedoms and trampling over the Bill of Rights. And they want to demonize some for their sexuality while denying their own sexual escapades (Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, for example). In fact, most of the republican party could be included in this D.C. Magisterium.

Don't be afraid of talking ferrets, a bear in armor or little girl trying to find her afraid of the evil that is lurking at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. And let me know what you think of the movie.


Anonymous said...

"there is the Coca Cola bear on steroids" - I laughed out loud at that one.

Also, $52,000 is really low to have in a reserve account. Reserve accounts for cities are in place to cover additional expenses incurred due to any number of issues (salting the roads during an ice storm, lawsuits, sinkholes, you name it). $52,000 may or may not even pay for a single incident if it occurs.

Anonymous said...

What's the movie about Joe? I haven't seen it advertised. Can you fill me in?

Joe said...

Did you click on the link and watch the preview?

Here's a synopsis from "Moviefone"

Based on author Philip Pullman's bestselling and award-winning novel,'The Golden Compass' tells the first story in Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. 'The Golden Compass' is an exciting fantasy adventure, set in an alternative world where people's souls manifest themselves as animals, talking bears fight wars, and Gyptians and witches co-exist. At the center of the story is Lyra (played by newcomer Dakota Blue Richards), a 12-year-old girl who starts out trying to rescue a friend who's been kidnapped by a mysterious organization known as the Gobblers - and winds up on an epic quest to save not only her world, but ours as well. 'The Golden Compass' stars an ensemble cast that includes Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Sam Elliott, and Ian McShane. The film is written and directed by Chris Weitz (About A Boy, Antz) and produced by Deborah Forte and Bill Carraro (Frequency). It is executive produced by Andrew Miano and Paul Weitz (In Good Company).