The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Baptists and Blogging and Unhealthy Christmas Parties

Wheeler from The Norla Blog first brought this to my attention but here is the link he is writing about.

Sounds like Dale Jones' rhetoric as Baptists in Georgia have passed a resolution stating that blogs have been used by "certain people ... for divisive and destructive rhetoric at the expense of peace among the brethren." (For those who don't know: Jones has been critical of this blog, calling it "illegitimate", "pitiful","pathetic", "a joke" and "crap.")

So what effect will this resolution have on blogging? The same as the Baptist's boycott of Disney had on that company's bottom line...none.


This is something that should concern us all during the holiday season. Seems that December and January are the deadliest months for heart disease and over-indulging at those smart holiday parties can do you in right there on the spot.

"Right away, a particularly heavy meal, especially a high-fat one, stresses the heart as it is disgested. Blood pressure and heart rate increase. There's even evidence that the lining of arteries becomes temporarily more clot-prone."

Great, one more thing to worry about when hosting a party. As if making sure that food-borne pathogens don't flourish in the items on the menu (especially those with mayo and dairy) is not a big enough worry.

"Too much salt has an even more immediate effect, causing fluid retention that in turn makes the heart have to pump harder."

Uh-oh, Cajun food for example can be loaded with salt. Especially things like Cajun Deviled Eggs and the Creole seasonings used in many of the casseroles and other dishes.

"Alcohol in moderation is considered heart healthy. But if a round of holiday parties leaves you tipsy, that, too makes your heart pump harder to get blood to peripheral arteries."

So an early party, both early in the season to avoid that cumulative effect, and early in the evening in hopes that those going to multiple events in one evening don't tip the scales at the first party they attend, is your best bet to avoid that problem.

"People say the're too busy to exercise..."

Now there is no way to shift the blame for this on to the host of a holiday party.

"Busy revelers tend to skip their medications..."

Please, take your medicine...all of it..(but no extra) before heading out to the parties.

At any rate, to my knowledge there has never been a falling out or an ambulance pick up at one of our parties and I hope it stays that way.

Besides, a Christmas party of celery and carrot sticks and granola bars just wouldn't be the same. That's reindeer food, I was brought up to believe, and we left those vegetable treats for the hooved animals and chocolate chip cookies and eggnog for the fat man in the red suit when I was a kid. And I am pretty sure he had a little alcohol when he stopped at our house on Christmas Eve as well. Now Santa still visits this house each year, so years of holiday goodies has not affected his health, I guess. Rock on, Santa.


Anonymous said...

I never called THIS BLOG illegitimate Joe. Don't flatter yourself and get your FACTS "straight"...Isn't that what you always say? As a matter of fact, I've never even RECOGNIZED this blog. You are giving yourself and the four people who read this WAY too much credit.
But it does give me a chuckle from time to time so thanks.
And for the record, there WAS a representative from TWS at the council meeting.
You are just FULL OF IT today Joe.

Joe said...

Itis 7:44 and I have just finished laughing. Go figure it out Dale.

Anyway, This is what you wrote to me a while back, "I will no longer publicly acknowledge your little blogs". is the definition for acknowledge (one of the definitions)..."to admit to be real or true; recognize the existence, truth, or fact of..." recognized it before you didn't recognize it. You sound like Mitt Romney flip flopping, Dale.

And if you were not referring to my blog as illegitimate, why didn't you bring that up days ago when I said that you did. You seemed to acknowledge that it was my blog you were referring to then.

And four readers? That many...great, I'm growing!!!

I know how many visits I get each day Dale. Besides, its not all about quantity, its about quality.

Susan F said...

Hi Joe. I see your blog ranking has gone from 11 to 10. I wonder if that means you have five readers now? Still enjoying your blog . . . .

Anonymous said...

Oh my....No wonder the Western Star has no news. Dale seems to have a memory problem. I REMEMBER when he called your blog illigitimate. Now he says he didn't do that????

Joe said...

I've had several emails and calls wondering why Dale doesn't remember calling the blog "illegitimate". Maybe they should call him and ask him why????

And with Christa..maybe that means 6 readers!!!! Susan I might make it # 9 next week!!!

Oh...and another person told me the Western Star did NOT have a reporter at the council meeting. Maybe the "reporter" snuck out early like they sometimes do.

Anonymous said...

No...I DIDN'T Christa. Find it. Show it to me. Show me where I called THIS BLOG (By Name) will NOT be able to find it.

I really hate to come to this site everyday, but it provides me so much comic relief I just can't help myself.

And with all the attention it gives The Western Star, heck why not.

And Joe, NOBODY on this blog is going to call me. I've even asked YOU to come by my office and talk to me on SEVERAL OCCASSIONS. You won't do it. You are a COWARD. You live 3 blocks from my office, and won't come share your views with me FACE to FACE, but will daily get on this blog and blast everything I write.
Obviously you are aware that you and your views are in the EXTREME MINORITY in Bessemer, AL (thus the reason you lost your bid for city council...THANK GOD).
You take WHATEVER the "mainstream" (ultra liberal) media says as TRUTH, and are critical of those of us with more conservative views.
As for all of the criticism of our Award Winning Newspaper on this site, LOL (I can't stop laughing) ...TRUST ME....I sleep WELL at night.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to be enlightened. A BLOG is a collection of articles not one specific article. When you said you did not refer to THIS blog as illigitimate you were wrong. You did. You seem to have some difficulty with definitions. How can that be since you are the editor of "an award winning" paper? Er...maybe there is a misunderstanding of "award winning" as well. Problem with definition again?

Anonymous said...

"I REMEMBER when he called your blog illigitimate. Now he says he didn't do that????"...Christa

"Dale doesn't remember calling the blog 'illegitimate' "...Joe

Show it to me me where I called Bessemer Opinions illegitimate. You WILL NOT find it anywhere in our paper. It NEVER happened. I did say that there were some illegitimate blogs on the web, and Lord knows there are. But I challenge you to show me where I called THIS BLOG...BY NAME....and said it was illegitimate. You people spin, and spin, and spin. It is incredible.

Again, for about a millionth time, my door is ALWAYS open and my phone is ALWAYS available. Be a man (I realize that might be a stretch for some of you) and use it. Put a face or a voice to what you say or shut up...Although, it seems Joe is afraid he might be "trapped" if he drops by. Whatever!!!

Joe said...

Dale give it a rest.

Here is a quote from your newspaper:
"Now I will admit, I'm human, and it is a bit frustrating when loud mouth cowards hide behind anonymous names, taking shots at me and making false statements on illegitimate web blogs."

Since I can not find you mentioned on any other blogs, and since you have called me and my commentors "cowards", and since you have been critical of anonymous commentors on this blog, and since you have accused me of making false statements on my blog, it stands to reason that you are referring to Bessemer Opinions when you talk about illegitimate blogs. And by the way, it's web logs (2 words), or even weblogs, either of which can be shortened to blogs, but it is never "web blogs."

And since you are finally taking up the issue, how can one be illegitimate?

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Oh my heavens....I can't stop laughing.
Let's try this...

Illegitimate - Incorrectly deduced. ILLOGICAL. (American Heritage Dictionary)

This BLOG is TOTALLY ILLOGICAL at times. But now, none of you have YET to show me WHERE I called Bessemer Opinions Illegitimate. Not gonna find it. (The 'spinning wheel' keeps on turning doesn't it Joe?)

Oh..and apparently you are not aware of a site called Best of Web Blogs. (Not weblogs or web logs....WEB BLOGS) Trust me, THIS ONE is NOT listed. And, by the way, I went ahead and emailed them to let them no that you said it was NEVER web blogs. I'm sure they'll make the change.

Here's the thing Joe, Instead of sitting around waiting for me to do my job so you can slander me on your little WEB BLOG (complete with pretty flowers) why don't you go out and GET a job.

I think it's time for YOU to "give it a rest."

Thank all of you, and keep reading The Western Star.

Joe said...

I like that. Pay them...and you can be listed best of the web (blogs).

Dale, see how on their site Best of the web is written in one font and in green, and then blogs is written in a different font and in orange. It's like "best recipes" with "cakes" as a sub-category.

And Dale, I will get a job when I get out of school in about 10 months. For your information, I am adding a post doc masters degree in public health.

And there are lots of "best newspaper sites" but I don't find WS listed there either.

I'm glad you can still laugh, though.

Ben Mason said...

Poor Dale doesn't get it. Nobody reads the Scar, except to take exception with the pathetic musings of Dale and the idiots who inhabit his office. The talent level of the Scar would not fill a thimble. But it does offer comic relief, and a place under my parrot. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Da Scar is da star of the freak show!