The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three Reasons that Bessemer is Hot

Be sure to read my Western Tribune column for the week, posted just below this.

There are many reasons to move to Bessemer. More bang for your buck when buying a home. Convenient shopping with Watermark Place and Colonial Tannehill right here, and the Galleria and Patton Creek just a couple of exits down the Interstate.

But here are some other reasons .

Jess Lanier High School

Education is often mentioned as a reason families avoid Bessemer. Soon there will be a new high school for our students. No one can deny that Jess Lanier has improved over the last few years, but now U. S. News and World Report high school rankings have recognized this with a Bronze medal award (Jess Lanier in U. S. News). Other schools that were recognized were Mountain Brook and Vestavia Hills, which received Silver medals. Pretty good company, huh? (Story in Bham News)

Public Safety

Perceived public safety issues keep some people from coming to Bessemer. Bessemer has seen a drop in violent crime over the last year. (Story in Bham News) Homicides dropped from 16 in 2007 to 8 in 2008. Rapes were down from 40 to 36. Bessemer police chief Nathaniel Rutledge says a lot of factors contributed to this, among them the department's public meetings which are held monthly for residents to meet with police and talk about crime prevention and address specific issues. The next meeting will be Monday, March 2 at 6 pm at Hopewell Church of God, 8100 Hopewell Road.

Also, the department has a created a tip line for residents to call with leads on crimes. The callers remain anonymous and the number is 428-3541.


Bessemer is fortunate to have a first class news outlet, The Western Tribune, which keeps citizens up to date on both news items and community news. Read exclusive news articles (and cutting edge opinions) in each issue. This issue is at newsstands now.

Did you see Julio Osegueda and Obama yesterday?

He's an excited kid, no doubt, and his enthusiasm has already landed him a job announcing the first Fort Myers Miracle baseball game this year.

Here he is immediately after the event. Go Julio!!


Anonymous said...


PLEASE....stop!!!!!! The Tribune is a JOKE Joe and on the streets and in businesses all over Bessemer, it is talked about on a regular basis. You might want to find another outlet for your article.


Anonymous said...

I have read the Trib before, I thought it was pretty good, a little short on pages but OK. The Western Star cannot spell. This week's page has a giant headline that the coach was "beanched". They could really use a proofreader and a dictionary over there.