The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

If this were Twitter

If this blog were twitter my posts might look like this. Twitter posts are limited to 140 characters.

Based on yesterday's emails and blog history people are more concerned about waste water than Jesus' teachings on homosexuality.

Emails from various elected officials run 2 to 1 in support of my column.

Emails from environmental advocates run 100% in support of my column.

Food World in Bessemer is closing, but will anyone notice?

Get ready for lots more foreclosures in Jefferson County, our delinquency rate is 13.5% compared to national average of 9%.

Jefferson county delegation approved bill to allow county manager in Jefferson!!!

Jeffco has $636 million due Friday, seeks extension. Bankruptcy dammit. I can't get extension after extension on my debts.

Stimulus plan to help winterize homes. How do you get on that list?

Pope shares with Pelosi his anti-abortion rhetoric. OK, so how about comprehensive birth control and contraception!

Linda Nelson says Bayless should not run against Abbott. I sort of wondered myself, hasn't she done a good job?

Burris needs to resign. Burris needs to resign. Burris needs to resign.

AG Eric Holder says the U.S. is "essentially a nation of cowards" on race discussions. Amen, bro.

Now, I don't Twitter, but I have friends that do. I am trying very hard not to get drawn into that well of uselessness. Not when I can do the same thing on Facebook for free (Twitter is also free). I mean, I might would use Twitter if I didn't keep hearing Rick Sanchez on CNN talk about it. They have viewer's Twitter comments crawling across the screen...who cares?

Don't let this happen to you!


Anonymous said...

"Emails from various elected officials run 2 to 1 in support of my column"
mmm 'elected officials' mmm. headliner elected officials?

Joe said...

Let's just say officials from various local jurisdictions that were elected by a vote of their constituents.

Anonymous said...

I am an elected official in Bessemer. Have been for several years. No offense personally, but I know NO ONE who favors your opinion and certainly not the paper for which you write.

Joe said...

Well then it seems that you, or no one you know, cares about the health of the community (assuming you are referring to the column from yesterday).

Anonymous said...

Real Quick:

1) Please never Twitter. God I hate Twitter. Twitter and Oprah (but that's for another day).

2) Non-user fee bad.

3) Given that the paper in question never lets the local politicians slide when they do stupid stuff it is not a surprise why one would not like the paper.

Joe said...

Oh brother,
1.I think you are twitterpated. :)

2. You know, it doesn't matter to me if there is a non user fee or not, I am on the sewer. But gee, it seems that people would at least want to be informed before they start screaming. I know half the emails I got yesterday were from people who didn't read the article...first I question their ability to read because they sure can't spell, and they type in all CAPS and such.
3. Good point. I agree with you there.

Anonymous said...