The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ramblings and Peter Doherty

"You should feel lucky to have gotten Wednesday's paper."

That's what the woman at the Birmingham News told me when I called for the second time today and told her, like I told the other woman at 6:30, that the paper I pulled out of the plastic sleeve this morning was Wednesday's paper. (Today being Friday).

Then she said they have had "thousands and thousands" of calls and it seems "most of our calls are from the Bessemer area.

But the entire week has been screwy. Tuesday, we received two papers, about an hour apart, both current for that day.

Wednesday we received no paper, and I could not get through to complain (maybe they had "thousands and thousands" of calls that day too).

Yesterday we got the right paper.

Today we didn't get a paper. Oh, wait, I mean we got Wednesday's paper. Surely they aren't trying to make up for me not getting a paper on Wednesday by delivering it today. Old news is not good news.

So, I am about to go out and get a paper, somewhere, if I can find one.

Anyway, yesterday I was in Baldwin county touring the new DHR building with other members of the Public Building Authority and the Director of our DHR here in Bessemer. It's a wonderful facility, and important to us because we have hired the same architect to build our facility.

Other Stuff

With his new exit strategy for Iraq President Obama has painted himself out of a corner. Sure, there's some grumbling from Democrats who want a quick end to the war, but most Democrats realize we can't just pick up and leave. Now he's got support from Republicans too, so there aren't likely to be complaints on down the road. The plan gives commanders flexibility and three more months to draw down, and leaves more troops than many hoped for, but hey, at least it's a plan, and least it has a goal, and at least it will get our troops out of there.

I just heard a thud out front. 9:05 and the paper has arrived. Let's see. Yes, it's today's! I'm going to go enjoy the pitter patter of rain and a late cup of coffee and the paper.

While I'm doing that, here's the new video from Peter Doherty.

"Last of the English Roses" features guys playing football (soccer, really) on a playground, and a (gasp) guy on guy kiss at the end.

Not surprising from Peter, who's pretty gay if past interviews mean anything. Gee, he seems like a character from my book...45 years ago. Well, the songs kind of catchy, anyway.


Anonymous said...

I cancelled my subscription. I had it for a few months. I think I recieved about 5 newspapers that entire time, despite repeated calls.

Anonymous said...

to weigh in on the newspaper delivery issues... My husband is in college and has 2 paper routes in Hoover. The paper is going from paying independent distributors to hire and manage the routes to making it in-house. It could have been a seamless transition except that they decided to use a program called "route smart" to set the routes but I don't think they knew how to use it properly and make adjustments so that the routes make sense. One of our routes stayed the same and the other is totally new and the people at the news gave us 4 different routes each day when we came in so you can imagine that there was utter confusion. Also they limited the # of papers per route driver so the experienced drivers that were used to getting 700 papers down every night before 5:30am were told they would only have 350 max so alot of them quit and they also had to hire alot of extra new drivers to cover the papers that were taken from the veterans. My husband and I are lucky because I am able to be his substitute and so I took a route and we will help each other but its still about the same papers he had before and now that they have his route figured out and not changing it he has a better route than he did before. I think they have done the same thing in Bessemer and I am sure they have all these drivers trying to run around and follow these retarded route sheets and they get lost, frustrated, quit, etc. I know its a real disaster for the paper. I believe in the usefullness and importance of the local newspaper so I hope all of you support the News. Let them credit you and do what they can and give them some patience while they work it all out. Its probably some smarmy suit that never threw a route in his life that decided to bank the paper on this plan. I like the change of not having an independent contractor for a boss and work for the paper and its nice to have a facility to pick up our papers and not out in the weather and wrap in or outside our cars before we go and throw. Sorry this is so long. I just knew a little insight in to this problem. Hang in there you all!

Joe said...

Thanks..that's better than just being told "we've had thousands and thousands of calls." My brother told me today that he hasn't gotten a paper in 5 days, and he's called every day and they say he will get one. He lives in Lipscomb.

It almost seems the News is trying to sabatoge itself, if it is making so many people this unhappy, yet not printing an apology, or offering on on (at least I haven't seen it), or telling their telephone personnel a better way to handle it.

Again, thanks Jennifer.

Anonymous said...

Sorry yall are having difficulty with your paper. I don't subscribe.

Great video though. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

My parents live in Lipscomb too. They missed the paper Monday, it came at 430. Tuesday no paper, Wednesday no paper, Thursday no paper, Friday paper comes at 530. I have driven from McCalla each day because they (ages 83 & 84) don't need to drive to the truckstop in Brighton to get a paper. I have called Bham News every day. This morning they told me 10 carriers quit without notice. They had people from human resources answering the phone today. Hopefully it will get straightened out soon.


Jennifer (Errett) Robinson said...

I have to wonder too if the paper is trying to sabotage itself... but that makes no sense!!! I know there's mistakes made by people that are entrusted with making changes and the intent is to make things more efficient and money saving but those of us who are seeing the way they are doing this transition are all shaking our heads and wonder what they are thinking? I know the people on our routes (shades crest neighborhoods closest to hwy 150, the woods, deer valley and ross bridge) are oblivious to the problems that the paper is having b/c they have a veteran delivery person in my husband but even he had gotten to ride around and learn the route a week or so before taking it over but the brainchildren at the paper got this software that they think anyone can just throw off of without needing training... I think its more than a new person can handle and they get overwhelmed and they can't see the bigger picture that when they can throw their routes mostly from memory and get done in a couple hours that its a good job. I just question who it was that decided to bet the future of the paper on this situation we are finding ourselves in. Well, that's it for me on papers... Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I do wonder if they would like to cut out the home delivery service. They make more off the newstand boxes and stores that sell them inside. .3o for home delivery versus .75 newstand.