The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Words in Other Languages

If you live around Birmingham and subscribe to the B'ham News and wonder WTF is going on then read the comments at the end of yesterday's post. A small amount of light was shed.

If you listened to the song I posted yesterday you might have noticed some French words spoken at the end.

Ce soir, disons chez moi
Enfin je compte de toi
Je te drague la rose mystique
Tu l'arrose mystique?
Ha, vas-y
C'est mon monde de soleil...

Loosely translated, by Google translator, it says:

Tonight, let me in
Finally I count on you
I'll drag the mystic rose
You water the mystique?
Ha, go ahead
This is my world of sun ...

However, Yahoo's Babel Fish translator comes up with this:

This evening, let us say at home
Finally I count of you
I pick you up the mystical pink
You l' sprinkles mystical?
Ha, go ahead
C' is my sun world…

The point is, not all translations are equal, but isn't it handy to have a free online service like that.

Anyone who speaks French can translate the lyrics and tell us what it really says.


Anonymous said...

no paper here [ but plenty of snow ] i had to drive to get one. im cancelling my subscription in the morning.

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm french and this is hard to translate it. It plays on the words : "la rose" (the flower) has the same prononciation as "l'arroses" (to water a plant).

I pretty sure this comes from a novel called "Miracle de la rose" written by Jean Genet in 1946. Let's try to translate :

Ce soir, disons chez moi.
"tonight, let say at my house"
(it's a invitation to spend a love night)

Enfin je compte de toi
"Finally I count on you"
(normally it's "compte SUR toi" Doherty may have used google translation)

Je te drague la rose mystique
"I seduce you, the mystic rose"
(the mystic rose is a character of the novel)

Tu l'arroses mystique?
"You water the mystic?"
(playing on words, it have a hidden signification : to water love befaore it dies, I guess)

Ha, vas-y
"Ha, go on !"
(nothing much to say)

C'est mon monde de soleil...
"This is my world of sun ..."
(the narrator is in love with th "rose mystique" so it fills him with happiness)

It really hard to translate those ones, moreovers I can't remember the whole story. I advice you to read "Miracle de la rose".

There are more verses in french at the end of the song ... Can't understand them all (accent, and fading out voice) ... I let you investigate.