The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Michael Phelps and Jeff Sessions

What do Michael Phelps and Jeff Sessions have in common?

Michael Phelps took a hit and now he's taking a hit. Maybe we should just charge this off as youthful indiscretion. I mean, the guys 23 years old. Who, by that age, has not taken a hit off a bong? You don't have to answer.

Now we really will remember Michael for his stellar performance at the 2008 Olympics and, well, his human beauty. I mean, just watch. The music, coincidentally, is Contagious (key phrase, "You make me feel so high") by Avril Lavigne.

Jeff Sessions, on the other hand is much older. He doesn't have the excuse of being youthful as a reason for making a stupid statement. And I am pretty sure he has been doing it since his 20's.

Anyway, he said, in referring to the New Deal, "It didn't work. Unemployment was as high after they started all these make-work programs as it was before. Now people liked it, and they felt Roosevelt had done something, but the long-term bitter fruit of it was not so good."

Check your facts, Jeff. Unemployment dropped from 24% to about 14% between 1933 and 1940. I don't think the families of those who went from having an unemployed provider to an employed provider would consider that "bitter fruit."

So, which long-term bitter fruit is he referring to?

TVA? this still exists, making it "long-term." My power comes from TVA, as does a lot of people's in North Alabama. Nothing bitter there.

WPA, PWA and CWA? Well the agencies are not still around, but the infrastructure projects that were completed while providing jobs to millions are still around. Many of those projects need repair, like bridges and such, but the bitter fruit is that Sessions and other Republicans won't vote for it.

FDIC? Still around. As banks are folding people who have deposits in them might appreciate the FDIC.

Social Security Act? First payments were in 1942, but the Agency was created in 1933. I know a lot of people who depend on their social security check to survive. I doubt they are bitter about that.

Fair Labor Standards Act. Still around. gives us the 40 hour work week.

So, what do Michael Phelps and Jeff Sessions have in common? Nothing, but give me any excuse to feature Michael Phelps on this blog and you will see him here. Maybe the same could be said for any opportunity to point out the stupidity of Jeff Sessions.

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