The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammys Wow!

Sometimes the Grammys are kind of boring (not really) but last night's Grammys were exceptional.

Congrats to Jennifer Hudson and all the winners!

Performances by Coldplay! Katy Perry! Adele (with Sugarland!)! Radiohead!

Katy Perry

Sugarland and Adele:

Cold Play: Lost! and Viva la Vida.

I guess what they said in 40 YO virgin was true. Liking Coldplay is a sign!

Radiohead (with members of the USC Marching Band - how cool)


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that Radiohead kinda, "stole," the USC band from Fleetwood Mac's,"TUSK." Still, last night's Grammy's were better than some. I hate that Amanda Palmer was not a winner in the best new artist category. Her cd, "Who Killed Amanda Palmer," was KILLER! Was thrilled that Springsteen won for, "Girls in Their Summer Clothes," from the MAGIC cd. Now, tell me why none of these artists has EVER won a Grammy Award?...Buddy Holly, who practically created the, "sound," of Rock-n-Roll, Neil Young, Crosby-Stills-Nash & Young, Buffalo Springfield (For What It's Worth), Led Zeppelin, not even a, "Stairway to Heaven," got 'em a nod; Diana Ross nor The Supremes, Queen, The Who, Janis Joplin with or without Kris Kristofferson(who did win Grammys), Jewel or Bob Marley????!!!!?

Anonymous said...

As much as I loved "TUSK", what I've always loved most about Radiohead is their innovative use of percussion, which I think made this a natural pairing, and didn't strike me at all as an immitation.
As for the list of those who never won a Grammy, (but should have) I agree with most of your mentions, especially Neil Young, b/c I think the reason for that ommission could be at least in part political. But Jewel? Really?