The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines, Birds and a Tree

Happy Valentines Day to all. This is a cake I made by request. I was told it was good.

I hope you are all doing your bird counts this weekend. Visit GBBC for details. This pair of doves was in love. Really, just after this picture they consummated their love, but my pictures were blurry. Sort of like the celebrity tabloid pictures we sometimes see.

Tree Cutting
I hated to see the tree cut, but it wasn't my call. But seeing the men at work was, uh, interesting, to say the least.

You can see how big this tree was in this picture. The wood was taken to a sawmill, and the scrap and unusable wood is converted into pellets or some form that can be used to produce energy. Better than sending it to a landfill.

Just before impact. When this hit the ground, the whole house shook. Really shook. Notice traffic is stopped becasue there is a rope tied to the tree and a truck pulling it to make sure it fell precisely where they wanted it to. Although the tree had been trimmed so that it did not reach the street, the truck was in the middle of the road.

But before they did that, they had to do this. They took the tree down limb by limb.

Now would you hang from a tree with a chain saw 50 feet or more up? Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

Hard to tell for sure, but he looks like somebody I might want to hang with!

Anonymous said...

I need someone to cut down an oak tree for me. But I know that was a big bill for your neighbor. I am glad it will open up your yard for some more sun and less leaves. Sounds good to me.

Joe said...

If you will email or call me, I can give you the name of a tree person who I am told does great work for less money.