The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I've had Enough

Everytime I allow open commenting eventually fanatics from the righteous right begin posting hateful comments and use name calling and slander to try to get their point across, so once again, I will be moderating comments. That means some may not show up as quickly.

They think this is a forum for discussion. They criticize the site as not being "democratic." It is not, it is a blog. If you want to spew out hatred and show your lack of concern about ethics and integrity then go somewhere else.

I am tired of having to respond to people who think it is OK to lie, plagiarize and ignore ethical standards in order to promote one's position. Lesson: the end does not justify the means.

How many times do I have to respond to the same questions with the same answers and have them ignore my responses and questions? Since you can't argue with the facts I present, you attack me. Republican tactic.

They say their extremist views are the conservative majority in Bessemer. While I am sure that they are extremists, I doubt they are in the majority. When I respond that McCain represents the conservative viewpoint and Obama the progressive viewpoint, and that I am sure that Obama will carry Bessemer, which will prove my point that progressives outnumber conservatives they just ignore it and shift the discussion to "gay this" and "liberal that".

It is as if a bunch of little Karl Roves are running through Bessemer, trying to ignite hatred with lies and innuendo, just like Rove did in Bush's campaigns, while ignoring the real issues. Well, you are not going to do it on Bessemer Opinions.

It all boils down to: they can't stand the truth.


Anonymous said...

I wish some of your commentators would look up the meaning of the Fourth Estate as it refers to the press:

The term Fourth Estate refers to the press, both in its explicit capacity of advocacy and in its implicit ability to frame political issues. The term goes back at least to Thomas Carlyle in the first half of the 19th century.

Maybe if they had the intellectual capacity to understand the role of the press they would be able to discuss the content of your messages and not take the topic to personal attacks.

Joe said...

I am getting comments that are still trying to make this about personalities and not the issue at hand. We are not going to prop up anyone here. If you want to post a comment about the issue (ethics in pusblishing letters) then I will post it. Previous issues which commentors refused to address were plagiarism and publishing opinions based on false statements.

The other day I said not to make this an editor idol contest, and within an hour people began doing just that. I guess I gave them the idea that they should stray from the subject and they might have a chance.

Comment on issues, your comment will get posted.

Joe said...

Still I get comments about personalities.

To answer Susan...again, you make derogatory comments about someone and expect me to post them. You all just do not get it. Yes I posted the name and phone number because it was opinion that there should be consequences to the unethical action that was taken. Others agreed with me, they may not have posted comments, but believe me.

You all think that I am against this man because of his conservative leanings and that is not the case. It is the lack of ethics and integrity in journalism with which I have a problem. I will put my progressive issues against any conservative positions which I do not agree with any time.

Shaun Hannity is the same way. They just think the rules do not apply to them.