The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Central Alabama Gay Pride Parade 2008

If you missed the parade, or even if you attended, here are a few pictures taken as we were getting ready. Since I was driving, I could not take pictures of all the entries, but you can see it all here. About 90 pictures.

Thank you Central Alabama Pride, thank you Parade Committee, thank you Larry Langford (for creating such interest and boosting attendance to record levels).

Preparing one of the flags

Ben and Jason helped carry the huge flag from Atlanta.

Here is our Stonewall Democrats truck...the letters across the back spell out AlObama. Our chief bubble maker is Bessemer resident Glenn Shadix. Other Stonewall members are there ready to load up.

Obama bubbles like these decorated the sides of the truck.

Real bubbles floated from the truck

Here Glenn has met Libertee Belle, who has been a parade participant since the first parade in 1989. Libertee performed at Sunday's Pridefest, more about that on the next post.

Read what the Birmingham News said about Glenn and Pride Here

Our elected officials, Howard Bayless and Patricia Todd.

One other picture taken Saturday night will be posted with Sunday's pictures because it of of a beauty. On that post I will have nothing but beauties.

Be sure and look at the pictures on the Central Alabama Pride link at the beginning of the post

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