The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here comes Barack!

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Sunday Alabama Democratic Party executive Director Jim Spearman told me that the Barack Obama campaign said in a conference call on Friday that they would be putting campaign staff in every state. That includes Alabama, and the presumptive location will be Birmingham.

While I think it is entirely possible for Obama to carry Alabama ( Hey, I thought Kerry could too) I am not sure the campaign thinks that. What I do know, however, is that if Obama is spending money here, it helps in three ways.

  • Spending money here forces McCain to spend money here. That draws money away from his campaign in other states, states that might be more of a toss-up.

  • Spending money here and running a campaign here generates excitement for the party and will help other democratic candidates (such as Vivian Figures) get votes (and money).

  • Running a campaign here will help to maintain the excitement among young voters who supported him in the Alabama primary, and keeping them engaged will result in higher voter turnout among young people in November.

I wonder if Barack Obama himself will come to the Alabama headquarters to speak to local staff and volunteers. He spoke to his campaign staff in Chicago a few days know, he had more people in his campaign office than John McCain had at the event in Kenner the other day.

If you are planning to help in this campaign (and you should), watch this video. It is kind of long, but pretend you are one of the volunteers or staff members he is speaking to, and then be ready to roll.

Here is what the campaign says about campaigning in every state:

Our presidential campaign will be the first in a generation to deploy and maintain staff in every single state.

We need to expand our base to register new voters and reach out to Independents and Republicans in every part of the country. And we need to overcome the three-month head start that John McCain has had to raise money and build support.

You can help take our campaign for change to all 50 states.

Make a matching donation now and double your impact

I want to urge you to make a donation, because your donation will be matched by a fellow supporter, thus doubling what you contribute.

Donate to Barack here and double your contribution.

There is so much at risk if we let this opportunity slip by.

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