The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Friday, June 6, 2008

A Challenge

On Chris's blog Blethers she wrote of a challenge, of writing a story or a poem of 100 words based on the sentence "She was just frying an egg when she expired."

She had seen the blog on Wordswordswords and you can go there and read all the "entries." But please, compose your own, and post both here and there. Come on Southerners, show 'em what we've got.

Here is my story, to get it started:

At daylight she arose and put the coffee on. She sat the cream on the table, and would wait. One cup was all that she would allow; caffeine had ceased to be her friend. A bowl of grape nuts, and her day would begin. Since her husband had passed, this was her morning.


Today would be different. After three years of grief, she would start over. Her dress had been ironed; today would be sunny side up. She poured herself a glass of juice. The toast was in the oven.

She was just frying an egg when she expired.

And here is my favorite, 80 words I believe, from Alison:

He heard the thump and went upstairs to investigate. She never locked the door. The smell of hot cooking oil met him as he stepped into the flat. She was lying across the kitchen doorway where she’d fallen backwards. Lightly, he stepped over her and turned off the gas. He put a finger to her neck. Nothing. he shrugged his shoulders, picked up a fork that was lying on the draining board and ate the egg straight from the pan.

Amazing what can be told in few words. Give it a try, and go to Wordswordswords and read the rest.

If you have difficulty posting a comment, email your story or poem to me and I will post it for you.


mooncat said...

She was just frying an egg when she expired

10 days of hospital green jello. Sucking on ice. Artificial chicken broth. Italian iced fruit that never went past Rome, Georgia. Finally, home sweet blessed home. Happiness is a real bed and a shower! All things are possible, even a proper breakfast. Tea. Fruit. Toast. One fried egg, broken and burned. Not even tasted.

Christine McIntosh said...

Woo! Viral or what! I love this ...

Christine McIntosh said...

Check out wordswordswords again for news of a dedicated blog - frying an egg!