The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Friday, June 20, 2008

A More Enjoyable Day (and Post)

Yesterday's post resulted in a busy day with emails and phone calls relating to the "letter" beginning almost immediately after it was posted and lasting the rest of the day. I should write a book. The most interesting call came from Mitch Tribble of Trib publications. We had a...conversation, let's say. And another apology is forthcoming.

Alabama Stonewall Democrats had a great meeting last night, with almost a full house. We welcomed guests from the local Obama campaign as we endorsed Barack Obama for president. Following that we heard from three transgender folks about their concerns and how current and proposed policy and attitudes affect them. We really appreciate Roxanne, Ox and Jay for coming to our meeting and sharing their stories. There is much educating to be done, and I have tried to do so with this post about "The T" and this one about Thomas Beatie. Thomas's baby is due in just a few weeks and I will be following that story as well.

After a day like yesterday let's just relax and watch videos today. I saw this video by Oded Gross on my cousin Wayne's blog. Hope you don't mind me lifting it, Wayne.

And while in the gay vein, this guy explains why he personally is against gay marriage. Thanks Tyler.

And you might have seen this, but Jim and Danny both sent it. Thanks guys.
"I'm voting Republican"

Have a good day and a safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, you ol' lone homosexual activist, you.

The latter two videos have gone the way of youtube nonavailability - happened to me this morning and I had to put a new script in. Grr.

But as regards the odedgross - glad you enjoyed it, it's magnificent and I'm waiting to see what my parents think of it (they actually won't say anything).

We're cycling our ten cats (all strays and neutered) through their biennial vaccinations and checkups - Glenn just brought Max and Leona home a few minutes ago.

It's clear that they're distinctly of the opinion - "it's 'cause the gays."

Joe said...

That's weird because the videos all still play OK here. Anyone else having difficulty?

Anonymous said...

FYI - when I reloaded the page everything was ok. I'm not a youtube afficionado but have heard that they have recently had glitches in the URLs.

Enjoyed the Tyler video, and I'm really waffling about voting republican after the third one ;-) .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding us of all the reasons NOT to vote republican. Hope you can get married soon.