The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Gay Mafia

Of course the fundies think we are all part of the Gay Mafia, and that we go around spreading gayness. In fact, one of the fundie commenters on here keeps accusing me of "forcing" the gay agenda down his or her throat (they are anonymous). Off the point, but how does me posting something on a "puny" and "pitiful little" blog force anyone to do anything? No one has seen me with a gun pointed at someone's head (like Angelina Jolie in Wanted) making them do anything.

Anyway, we don't make anyone gay. My son is not gay.

If he were gay, wouldn't he have better fashion sense? Just kidding Daniel.

But what we can do is make pets gay. Here is my daughter's dog. I bought the outfit.

Does that not make you think of The Village People "In The Navy"? As a mascot, maybe?

Anyway, this article was in the Advocate, and I was a bit surprised thinking they were giving away our secrets. But really they don't. they don't even give any real specifics of successes we have had, although they do imply credit for advances in several states.

"Smith and Guerriero won’t confirm where they directed Gill Action’s donor base in the 2006 cycle. But by way of example, three states that have shown night-and-day progress since Democrats took control of the legislature that year are Iowa, Oregon, and New Hampshire. Prior to 2006, New Hampshire and Iowa were debating bans on same-sex relationship recognition, and Oregon’s domestic-partnership bill had been blocked by Republicans in the statehouse. That all changed when Democrats regained control of both chambers in New Hampshire and Iowa and flipped the house in Oregon. Since then, Oregon has enacted its domestic-partnership bill along with an equal rights bill that had been stalled for 34 years; New Hampshire has passed a civil unions measure and signed it into law; and Iowa has enacted both an LGBT civil rights law and legislation to protect LGBT students from being bullied. "

This is done with grass roots advocacy, working from the bottom up. The only thing secret about Gill Action is where they are focusing their efforts. They wisely don't want to give away which states they are targeting races in. They could actually be working in Alabama.

The article does point out that they are just using the same tactics that Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich have used in the past to make Republican gains. And since Rove had gay staffers, I guess it is only fitting that they should see the folly of their ways and use their talents to help the Democrats. Or should I say "the progressives." Actually this is not a partisan group. The executive director, Patrick Guerriero, is a former Massachusetts state legislator and former head of Log Cabin Republicans, and in Massachusetts Gill Action worked to change the votes of Republican legislators to prevent the proposed amendment against same sex marriage from passing the required second vote to being placed on the ballot. They were successful.

Again, the article makes it seem that Gill Action is some big secret society, but we've heard about it for years, and they do have a web site, Gill Action. The only big secret is the donor list and the specific races and initiatives they point their donors toward.

Rush Limbaugh sees things a different way. He gets graphic in describing how the Democrats are giving in to the "whacko nuts" and "kooks" as he calls the blacks and the gays and anyone else with any sense.

He says "Democrats will bend over, grab the ankles and say 'have your way with me' for 10% and 2% of the population."

Actually, Rush, could it not just be that Democrat leaders and candidates listen to the blacks and gays the rest of the "kooks" because they agree with what we say? But you really have a classy way of putting forth your misguided opinion.

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