The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Here come the Olympics!!!

I might be worthless over the next few weeks as the 2008 Olympics approach. I am an Olympic nut, especially when it comes to swimming and track and field. Maybe it is because I was as Auburn when Rowdy Gaines, who went on to win Gold at the LA games in 1984, and when Harvey Glance, who won gold in Montreal in 1976, were students. I attended track events and swimming and diving events to see these guys and others who were tops in their events.

Michael Phelps has already set a couple of new world records at the Olympic swimming trials this week. How many gold medals will he win in Beijing?

The Olympic Swimming Trials are on USA network this week, continuing tonight. Also, on HDShowcase on Demand there is a Beijing Olympics tab that has some clips of Phelp's gold medal performances from Athens 4 years ago.

This eye candy video shows some of his accomplishments.

Track and field trials are going on also, and Tyson Gay is tearing up the track.

Of course, the American Family Association's news service, which uses autocorrect to replace such "offensive" words such as "gay" with more acceptable words like "homosexual" reported Tyson's earlier win in the semifinal with this as reported on Birmingham Blues :

That had me laughing all night long. They did correct the story later, but do you think they will remember to skip the autocorrect when Gay wins gold in Beijing?

I don't know, but I will be a couch potato for the next few weeks. And then there's the Democratic National Convention.


Anonymous said...

I too am a BIG Olympics fan. Spent a fortune for tix to the 1994 Atlanta venue. Thank God I missed being injured by Eric Robert Rudolph. I ran track from the 6th grade (Y-Summer League) through High School. I ran the 100, 200, 400 and 400 relay; broad jumped and high jumped. Came in 3rd the one and ONLY time my coach entered me in the Decathlon for which I was supposed to Pole Vault. Still there was NO way that I could ever do that. All I had to do though was run with my pole to the mark and basically just fall over. Still got a small bronze medal. My best track coach ever shall remain nameless - he was gay! And so were just a few of my teammates, but all that came, "out," a bit later.

Joe said...

There are so many gay athletes in both amateur and professional sports. Too bad many of them feel they have to remain in the closet while competing. I understand that though, and hope things will change as we progress in society.

We only made it to the Birmingham part of the Olympics. Still, seeing Olympic soccer was exciting for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yea and I forgot that I was also a low hurdler! Now, that was fun and I won just about every race, until I fell after the last hurdle and broke an arm and an ankle. No more hurdling for me as I just could not ever get over that fall.