The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Monday, July 14, 2008

Troy Day 6...and a Mormon Ex-communication

Troy King had a planned press conference for Monday afternoon, to respond to an article that was expected in The Birmingham News on Sunday. No article, no press conference. Just the information on Doc's Political Parlor. Now there is a lot of back and forth on the comments over there, but having thought about this during the day before reading the comments, here are my thoughts about all the hypothetical.

1. If all the accusations are false. Then denying the accusation at the press conference makes perfect sense, and most anyone would have done that.

2. If part A (marital splits) is true, but part B (troiking - the new term for “boinking” on the downlow) is false. Then denying the accusation is even more important because part A is going to be revealed anyway, and lingering rumors of part B would persist.

3. If part A is false and part B is true (for instance, if the troiked party is the one talking, and TK was not “caught”), then he is trying to convince the spouse nothing happened and so he might remain silent.

4. If part A is true and part B is true, then by remaining silent, he can only be fueling the fire, because it will not die.

If # 4 is the case, and he gets by with it (for a while), one of several things can happen:
1. He has learned a lesson, and will be troiking no more. But that rarely happens.

2. He continues troiking on the downlow and gets caught again. Most likely.

I will continue to follow the story.

Remember this story? Men on a Mission?

Now the man who fashioned the calendar has been excommunicated from the Mormon Church for his role. 365 News .

By the way, all you have to do is go to the calendar web site from the link above, and you can link to the myspace page of each of the models. You can check out their pages and their friends, you can decide.

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Anonymous said...

On Mormons (CLDS)& TroysBoiToy:
Just spent last evening at the Stonewall Dems meeting. As I was leaving my house I was greeted by two quite, "nice," Mormon guys. We had a nice discussion and they plan to come back to see me as I seemed to know about their church history than they. I also gave them my 2 DVDs, one "LATTER DAYS," and the other my only copy of, "ANGELS IN AMERICA." If they should return it would all make for a nice long conversation or NOT. Should I offer them Diet/No caffine soda? Today I learned from a VERY reliable source in Montgomery that as recently as last Friday afternoon, both Troy King and J.W. Godwin ( our Gay Homecoming King)were BOTH exercising, as they usually do,at the Montgomery Central YMCA. I was of course just dumbfounded considering that one would think that this could not be true. But, Au contraire apparently both WERE at the Y at the same time, as witnessed by my source, who goes 3 times per week and who also just happens to be from Troy, Al. Why, I wondered would T.K. risk this? I believe my source without resevations but am perplexed as to why this might have happened. I have a few ideas of my own. From my understanding no actual divorce has as yet been filed by the Mrs. King.