The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Al Reynolds...Then What Are You???


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Yuckie enough for me to share it with you.

Al Reynolds just gives me the creeps, and this video of him telling how important he is, is really strange. Especially when we were really expecting the "coming out" video with glitter and fairy dust.

Al Reynolds on his Youtube video.


I come from a mixed backgound racially. And in the south we're called light skinned. And also in the south you know the light skinned individuals get treated a little bit differently. And also in the south the light skinned dudes are considered "pretty boys."

I am not a homosexual. But the thing is, it’s really weird to me

Oh? But you can use the words "dude" and "pretty boy" in describing yourself? That's pretty gay!

and it’s kind of upsetting to me that that’s where people would go as it relates to my sexuality. Because this has affected my professional life. This has affected my personal life. And if anyone knew the damage that it has caused me, they would understand why I’m very aggressive about this. But it’s okay because I’m learning from this whole experience. And hopefully I’ll grow from it. But I can tell you probably why…

Al, we don't care. You were an embarrasment when you were queer.

Look at me. I take very care(sic) in my clothes. I dress nice. I’m from the South. We used to dress up to go to church. My mother had six kids. We used to have to line up before we left the house to go to church. It was very important that we were dressed nice. That our shoes were clean, that our hair was combed, that our teeth were brushed.

Wow, I just had this conversation with someone a day or so ago.

That we presented ourselves as a Reynolds, because that’s what we were. And I kind of transport that into my adult life. So when you see me out, I’m gonna be immaculate. I’m gonna be clean. I’m gonna dress nice. I’m gonna look good. You know some people, they call that kind of soft. Okay. I’ve been called soft before and that’s okay. Some people, as of late, call that metrosexual. I can live with it. Cause it’s not gonna stop.

( And to my special friends: don't worry)

Every time I go to an event, I’m gonna look my best. My mother used to tell me that you look cleaner than the board of health, and I used to say to her ‘ all right:that means my job is done. That means I got the okay to leave.’

See we’ve got to separate the gossip from the facts and that’s why I’m doing this interview. I worked ten years on Wall Street.

As if there aren't gobs of gays on Wall Street.

I managed multi-millionaire accounts for ten years. I did that before I met Star, so for anyone to try to like, you know, discredit my credibility and integrity, it’s one of the reasons why I’m talking. You know? I teach kids at a university on a university level. I have a doctorate degree that I’m working on. This is all things that, you know, it trumps the gossip because it’s the truth, and nothing trumps it better than the truth.”

Larry Craig (I am not gay), Al Reynolds (I am not a homosexual). And you know who's denial we are waiting to hear.


Anonymous said...

This, "GIRL," just don't get it - a clue- that is! Like the former Gov. of New Jersey and Larry Craig, Troy King and all the others. They can tell a lie but can they live one, forever?

Anonymous said...

Oh...and I forgot...his "publicist" was on MSNBC talking about this and ended the segment urging everyone to vote "NO" on the proposed amendment against marriage equality in California. Nice touch for someone claiming not to be "homosexual." I mean, it is the right position to take, but still...