The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Troy King's Response

First, this. And it leads to Troy King.

My response to a comment yesterday about the death penalty ended with:

The whole system seeds to be revamped.

Today we see why.

Without a doubt the stay of execution by the Alabama Supreme Court of Thomas D. Arthur is a welcome step toward determining if the man on death row is really guilty of the crime he was about to be put to death for.

Troy King assistant Clay Crenshaw said yesterday that the state can't find the rape kit that contains the evidence (DNA) necessary for the tests. "Astounding," Arthur's attorney said.

The Muscle Shoals Police Department says they don't have it. The Colbert county district attorney office says they don't have it. The Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences says they don't have it.

Is that not evidence that the system is flawed?

Call me a cynic, but knowing Troy King's love of putting people to death it would not surprise me to learn that his office (or one of his overpaid staff members) had seen to it that the evidence was destroyed.

This is a picture of the "indispensable" and over paid King assistant J. W. Godwin with the Attorney General, a picture that suddenly disappeared from Godwin's facebook page this week.

Dale Jackson of WVNN interviewed Troy King live this morning and asked him about the "rumors" about him and J. W. Troy King refused to comment on the issue. Dale says the possible sex scandal is a news story. He says the no comment is a "very damaging" statement. "I don't discuss rumors," King said. A long pause, a very long long pause, before " I have lots of things to do, but one of them is not discussing rumors." Never mind the syntax of the answer (is not doing something really something to do?)

Here is audio of parts of the interview, provided by Loretta.

Dale admits he does not believe the accusations, but that answers are necessary to defuse the rumor. Not answering, not denying, makes King look guilty. Callers agreed.

Again, the story is not King's sexual orientation, it is his hypocrisy and the perks that is the story.

Because of this interview, which I am sure was listened to by many members of the main steam media, the issue is on the table for the Birmingham News, the Montgomery Advertiser or any other MSM agency sitting on the story to go with it. It's time.

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Anonymous said...

Yes and I've sent an e-mail to his AG office. "Come out, come out, wherever you are (hiding)"