The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Troy King and Staff

Left in Alabama reported yesterday that Channel 13 in Birmingham aired a video of Troy King's response to a question about his recent foibles, to which he replied "No comment."

But the interest in King and his staff has generated an article in today's Birmingham News about the salaries and perks of his aides, and one of the staff members the article focuses on is 24-year-old John W. Godwin, the former homecoming King of Troy.

Godwin started working in the attorneys general office as an unpaid intern last summer, when he was a senior at Troy University. Shortly after arriv­ing in Kings office, Godwin was put on the payroll at $10 an hour. Over the next nine months, Godwin rapidly ascended the ladder. In July 2007, King ap­pointed him as a special ad­ministrative assistant earning $39,456 a year. He completed his degree in broadcast jour­nalism in December, and on March 27 was named to his current title of executive assis­tant, a job paying $57,504 annually, according to state records. "J.W. is an exceptional young man who is the chief aide to the attorney general and who is almost indispens able in terms of the many functions he carries out in this office," Bence said. Bence said Godwins duties include policy research and constituent relations, and he serves as a liaison between the attorney general and the staff. Godwin travels with King as part of his duties, such as ac­companying him to this years National Association of Attorneys General Conference.

Interesting. In addition, a friend posted on an earlier comment on this blog that Troy King and J.W. are still exercising together at the Montgomery Central YMCA.

If I were interested in defusing a rumor, I sure wouldn't go to the GAYMCA, I mean, YMCA with my suspected love interest. But that's just me.


Anonymous said...

Loretta Nall wrote on her blog "I just spoke with a very trusted source who says there are actually pictures that would confirm this without a doubt. Without sounding like some sort of perverted weirdo.... I'd really love to get my hands on those pics. I don't wanna see'um...but damn I wanna see'um!"

Anonymous said...

On the Alabama Politics forum on # 6554, the writer said:

The Birmingham News reports on Act I, Scene 2 of Troy King - the Musical. King designates his press secretary as a "paralegal" even though he has had no legal traning. King also promotes a 24 year old non-lawyer on the grounds that he is "indispensible". This aide travels with Troy to important meetings like Jimmy Buffet concerts and Hemon Drive parties. Indispinsible indeed!
The next act will be reported later this week. The entire play will rival Brokeback Mountain and the music succeeds where Rent left off.

This one is sure to be a sell-out!

Anonymous said...

Looks like this is going to get interesting and soon.

Troy-State-University-Montgomery said...
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