The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The IOC has reversed itself and said that Iraq athletes could participate in the 2008 Olympics.

IOC: 'We look forward to seeing the Iraqi flag in Beijing'

IOC Reversal As it should be.


Massachusetts will reverse itself and allow gays from out of state to marry. Estimates are that it will boost the economy by $111 million, create 330 jobs and generate $5 million in taxes and fees over three years. 21,000 couple from New York State alone are expected to marry in Mass. Governor Deval Patrick says he will sign the measure, allowing the unions.

Mass. Marriage As it should be.


And one reversal that should be.

Bobby Ray Gilbert has confessed to the murder that Thomas Arthur is scheduled to be executed for on Thursday. Arthur has claimed innocence all along, and the wife of the victim didn't change her story to implicate Arthur until it gave her a chance to be released from prison early (she was first convicted of the crime).

Gilbert is a convicted murderer serving life without parole, so there is the credibility problem. But still, with the doubt created, and the fact that there is DNA evidence from a rape kit that could be used to prove guilt or innocence of either man is reason enough to delay this execution.

Inmate Story

Birmingham News Opinion

As it should be. But will someone step up and do the right thing? Troy King? Bob Riley?


Anonymous said...

In Alabama we have known for quite sometime now that the case of Thomas Arthur is simply a pure tragedy. That the Governor has refused numerous times to merely allow for DNA testing, which might or might not clear Arthur is testament to how many in our state either,just don't get it or perhaps just don't care.If the execution proceeds in the next 24 hrs. no one will ever know whether or not a major miscarriage of justice occurred. For the time being maybe, just maybe, there remains time to determine all the facts before our state executes a possibly innocent man. That another has at the last minute confessed to Arthur's alleged crime should not matter- that is not the issue here. Rather it is the issue of whether or not the state has used all its resources, namely DNA testing, in order to insure that a mistake with overwhelming consequences does not continue. In the end however, no one should ever have to suffer from, "the eye for an eye," mentality the pervades so-called justice in our nation. It is long overdue that capital punishment should not be allowed.This last note I'm sure will now overshadow the case of Arthur for all the comments which may well now follow.

In the end however the real issue here is one of whether or not capital punishment

Anonymous said...

should be abolished.

Anonymous said...

I have spoken out against the death penalty many times, and agree with you 100%. Just as an individual has no right to take the life of another, the government has no right (or shouldn't have) to take the life of an individual as well. The death penalty is a cold remnant of our barbaric past, and why some seem to revel in it (Troy King being one, GW Bush being another) I can not understand.

We call ourselves a civilized society, yet our government is allowed to take the lives of those whom they choose.

The whole system seeds to be revamped.