The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Empty Nest, and Thurso Surfing

The nest is empty. No more Rock Band at all hours. Daniel went back to Tennessee, driving his Suzuki Reno. Getting ready for college.

This morning the Bessemer Barack Obama headquarters opened. The kids (both are voting age) and I got Obama shirts, and there will be other Obama items there, and voter registration going on. I neglected to find out what the hours will be, but when I do I will post them here.

Chris's friends, whose civil ceremony pic I posted the other day live in Thurso, Scotland, and last night we did a little research (very little) and discovered Thurso is known, among other things, for surfing. Wow! In the North Sea.

As a comment on another youtube video said, "when you surf in Scotland there is only one thing for sure that will happen is that your WILLIE will nearly disappear..." Well, this video was shot in January 2007. The middle of winter. When you see spectators dressed in Arctic wear, you have to wonder about the guys in the water. Just goes to show, people can do anything anywhere, if they really want to. And there are lots of Thurso surfing videos on the net. Who knew? The music is Foo Fighters Down in the Park. (I am taking someone's word for that).

Like a lot of Scotland and surrounds, Thurso has some historic buildings, like this one. This is St. Peter's Kirk, this picture was on wikipedia. I could spend a week walking around places like this.

You know I do have some Scottish roots, so it would be right for me to explore. Someday.

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Christine McIntosh said...

It's the rocky-looking shore that terrifies me!

Plenty of pics of my part of the world here - if such blatant self-publicity is allowed! :-)