The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Disregard of the Law in Bessemer, and The Out 50

At the risk of being accused of trying to make everything gay on this blog and in Bessemer (not that it would be a bad thing) by a certain news editor, I offer the following.

Out Magazine has named their 50 most influential Gay Men and Women in America. Guess who is number 1? Barney Frank, the highest ranking elected official (Representative from Mass)? Nope. It's Ellen DeGeneres. Well, she is certainly a fave around here. And while Barney might have some power in congress, he has to fight against a president that vetoes anything substantially progressive, while Ellen reaches millions every day. Barney is number 2.

Strange but true, number three is Anderson Cooper. He was number 2 last year...and he won't even acknowledge he's gay. Nothing wrong with that, but to consistently be ranked so high, you might think there would be a denial if he wasn't. "America's boyfriend," that's what they called him recently when he had the skin cancer removed. As such, and remaining neutral, he can be seen as the "boyfriend" of all of America, male and female. Uh, huh.

Others you may not expect. Jodie Foster, at number 13, is another entertainer who is not comfortably out. That's OK, because everybody...I mean everybody, knows.

Nate Berkus, of Oprah fame, at number 21. Suze Orman number 24. See the rest of the list right here.

In Bessemer, especially on the Southside, there has been an increase in disregard for the law. Speeders, running stop signs, especially along Dartmouth Raceway...uh, Avenue. One neighbor almost had his kids and himself killed yesterday by someone flying down the wrong side of the street.

In addition, stereos are blaring as if there has never been mention of a noise ordinance. And smoking has occured at The Stadium Grill on occasion since the ordinance against smoking passed.

So what is the deal. We are supposed to get increased police patrols but what they really need to do is hide on 19th street and 16th or 17th street and watch. Maybe someone from the police department will be at the upcoming Bessemer Neighborhood Association meeting, which is Monday night (7:00) at New Grace Covenant Assembly of God Church on Briarwood Drive in Bessemer. They could address all of these issues.

And speaking of Dartmouth Avenue, I posed this question last year, and here it is again.

Why can’t the city designate a “truck route” coming from Lipscomb on Dartmouth Avenue, at Carolina Terrace, to Carolina Avenue, all the way to 14th Street or Highway 150?

On this map, where the star is, is the intersection of Carolina Terrace and Dartmouth. (Don’t follow the “brown” line…that was on there when I copied the map. Coming from the Libscomb direction, turn right at the star, continue on to Carolina Avenue, turn left, and go about 4 or 5 blocks to 14th Street (Highway 150).

Doing this would keep those noisy and dangerous trucks off of the residential street Dartmouth Avenue, and send them down the mainly commercial street Carolina. Bus routes would not have to change, and of course emergency vehicles and fire trucks would still use Dartmouth. Earl, are you listening? This is your street. And it is OK to inconvenience truck drivers just a little to increase the quality of life of residents.

Early in the morning, before the buses start running, big trucks come rumbling down Dartmouth. Some day I am going to get out there to identify them, but it's not like you have a lot of time. I mean it's not as if they stop for the red light or anything.

Who lives on Dartmouth? Who thinks this would be a good idea. In my spare time, I might circulate a petition along the street for this.


Trey said...

Anderson Cooper?? Jodie Foster?


Anonymous said...

I'm all for an open society and for supporting human rights. However, shouldn't each person be allowed to maintain some sort of privacy and decide when and if they want to "come out"? It seems that this sort of list making would just add to the trauma of those not "comfortably out".

And as for the certain news editor ... obviously lots of people -- gay, hetero and whatever other label he wants to use, read your blog -- human rights issues affect us all -- even if one isn't being discriminated against at the moment.

Drew said...

I live on Dartmouth and think this is a major issue! My car was stolen Saturday Morning, the window was broken out of our truck and radio stolen less than a month ago and I am the guy who was almost hit by the car! I also think it would be a good idea to install speed breakers evey 500 feet on the Avenues. The streets all have stop signs where they intersect the Avenues, therefore speeding is not really an issue except maybe on 19th street. If you slow these people down they will find a faster way to get where they are going. It will also impeed the big truck traffic! Hopefully they will find the faster way is by following the railroad tracks through the brickyard intersection and then down Carolina Ave to Hwy 150! Decreasing traffic also decreases crime.................IMO!