The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bessemer Police Business and David Cook!

So here is what we learned at the Bessemer Neighborhood Association meeting Monday night.

Sgt. Carmicheal from the Community Service Division of the Bessemer Police Department spoke and addressed concerns of those present.

For speeding and recklessness. Sgt. Brooks is over the traffic division, and he said to call him on his cell phone when you see speeding. 205-229-2793. Tell him the location, the make of the car and the tag number if you can get it without endangering yourself. In addition, if they get enough complaints about an area they will do traffic stops or DUI checks which often drive motorists to take different routes.

As for the noise ordinance, which covers not only stereos but screaming motorcycles as well, the ordinance is in force. Decible meters are being acquired (yawn...I've heard this for months, years). To report these, call dispatch at 205-425-2411. (Don't call 911 for noise). Be specific in your report, whether the noise is coming from a house, or a car, describe the car and get the tag, without the person knowing it if possible.

If you don't feel that your call is getting a response (like if you don't see a cop within a few minutes) call again, and ask for the officer over that shift. During the day, Sgt. J. J. Pierson, during the evening, from 2:45 to 10:45, Sgt. Fred Littlepage, and during the night shift, from 10:45 to 6:45 AM, Sgt. Ray Hubbart. Sorry officers if I misspelled you name.

Everyone realizes that a speeding car or a rocking car will be long gone before an officer gets there. But the police might "hunt them down", or keep a watch out for the car that is described. And again, enough compaints from an area will lead to inconvenience, no doubt, but worth it to slow down traffic. Just be sure you have your insurance card and license with you.

We should also realize that the cops can't be everywhere and see everything. So they depend on us to call these things in.

But they should realize that we depend on them as well, like to arrest people who have stolen cars being dis-assembled in their backyards. If they won't arrest that individual, do we really thnk they are going to give a hoot about Nas (otherwise known as Nasir Jones) blaring Ether out of a car:

"Ay, yo, pass me the weed,
Pour my ashes out on these niggas man,
(No doubt)
Ay, y'all faggots, y'all kneel,
And kiss the f***king ring"

It gets worse. But that gives you an idea.

That is the kind of noise we hear as the windows are rattling. It is offensive to people of color, to gay people, to decent people who do not appreciate profanity and slurs being thrust into our dens such that we can not even hear the sweet sounds of American Idle, I mean Idol. And if I really watched and cared and voted, David Cook would get my vote. Randy, Paula and Simon seemed to like him as well.

The Bessemer Police Department holds public safety meetings the first Monday of every month at a different location. These meetings are open to the public and the public is encouraged to attend. Heads of divisions are there to answer questions. Crime statistics are given out, with comparisons to previous months. Notification of these meetings has been a problem, sometimes they use flyers, sometimes they are announced in the local papers. The BPD is trying to determine the best way to let people know about the locations. I will try to become aware of these and post them as well.


Drew said...

If we are expected to do their job for them, why don't they give us badges, guns and handcuffs! I could fill that jail up in 3 hours!Do I detect a bit of cynisism in your blog today Joe...........?

Ben Mason said...

BPD sucks! Either they are taking bribes or busy eating doughnuts!

Anonymous said...

Well, if you could kindly find out why in the world one of the cops was diligently going through my neighbors garbage in Greenwood. Well, maybe I should clarify that he moved out of the house 3 weeks prior. His family came to get his stuff out and take out the trash. A white BPD drove by one time stopped directly in front of Greenwood Elementary School and began going through the cans. I was walking my dogs and said loudly, why is he going through garbage? He heard me and drove off only to come back 5 minutes later and park in that drive way. He then started going back through the garbage and was shining the light into the carport, etc. This creeped me out. I realize that they may have a warrant on the guy and looking for where he moved, but otherwise, this is not how I want my tax money spent.