The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stolen Car Recovered...and Flowers

My neighbor found his car. Nothing is easy, nothing makes sense.

The car was here .

3300 block of Arlington Avenue, where it dead ends. With 10 - 15 other cars around in the backyard. Cars had been stripped of engines and transmissions and the like. He called the police, they came, arrested no one. The homeowner, his wife and son were there, claimed they had no idea how the car got there, in their backyard, with all those other stripped cars.

Word is that this guy used to work at Gary's Tires in Bessemer, was fired for stealing $30,000 worth of tires.

Friend told the cops he didn't want the car towed, he would go home and get a key and drive it home. By the time he got back (it's just a mile away) they had towed the car, against the wishes of the owner, and charged him $140.

My friend wrote this:

The homeowner claims he works on cars at his house for extra money. The officer on scene scolded him for that and also scolded some guys who were burning trash in a barrel behind the house! MY STOLEN CAR WAS ON THIS GUYS PREOPERTY AND THEY DID NOTHING! MY AIR CLEANER HOUSING WAS LYING ON THE GROUND NEXT TO THE CAR, BUT HE HAD NOT TOUCHED IT!!!

It's funny, his son has a car just like mine with the big wheels and such on it!

I feel they should have been arrested for recieving stolen property or something!

The city needs to check the Vin numbers on every car at that house..............I'll bet they are all stolen

Sounds like a good idea to me? The rest of you who have told me their car was stolen might want to go down there, in daylight, with company, and check things out.

At the Bessemer neighborhood Association Meeting last night Sergeant Carmichael of the Bessemer PD spoke about public safety, crime, all the issues of Dartmouth Avenue and more. I will write about that meeting tomorrow, if time allows.

For today, I am just glad Drew got his car back (even damaged) and I hope that the perps get tagged.

And I am glad the temperature didn't freeze the peaches or flowers or tomato plants.

This is another Columbine in the backyard, these just come up and I try to move them around and get a bunch of them growing together.

This antique rose is Zephirine Drouhin, with a wonderful fragrance and no thorns.

Fiery blooms of this native azalea look hot, out of place on this cold morning.

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Anonymous said...

No one was arrested?!? The level of incompetence at the BPD is mind boggling. I am so happy his car is back. That is good to know the BPD turns a blind eye to auto theft. Doesn't that make everyone feel safe? Unbelievable. Well actually it is believable . . .

As always Joe, your flowers are beautiful!