The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Monday, April 28, 2008


You get 43 men together, and at least one, more likely 3 or 4, will be gay. 43 guys were circling the track at Talledega yesterday. During the multiple caution flags during the final laps I got to wondering, so I visited , the source for all things gay related to NASCAR to get the scoop. So which of these guys is gay?

Jeff Gordon: Wanted to be in second place coming into the finnish at 'Dega, and he was..., but fell back to 19th place ($134,000) when Jamie McMurray started knocking guys out. There have been rumors about Jeff Gordon ever since he started driving the rainbow car (with the colors out of order). If Jeff was gay, NASCAR fans would have one more reason to dis him.

Some people say the tiffs between Jeff and Tony Stewart are little lover's spats. I don't think so.

Carl Edwards: Raked in $125,000 yesterday, by not finishing the race (he lost a tire and hit the wall). Looks like he lost his shirt, too for this ESPN magazine cover (February 2006). This sparked rumors a couple of years ago, but I think it was just wishful thinking among gay NASCAR wannabes.

Kasey Kahne (finished 23 yesterday, $117,000). Jay Mohr might think so, but I don't:

Evan Darling: Never heard of him. Well, he isn't a NASCAR driver, but wants to be. Evan lives in Oakland Park Florida, and wants to race in NASCAR. Here is what he says about being an out race car driver:

"I came out when I was 18 and had to leave home. It was very difficult through the years but I eventually saved enough money working as a mechanic to start racing myself (on a very poor budget!). Most of the people in racing now had alot of family support...something I never had. I am still racing today but it is getting more and more difficult financially as I move up the ranks. There has to be a person or group of people out there that wants to see a gay person doing well on tv in Pro races! I am out and not afraid to tell anyone! Most people don't think I am gay but when they find out I usually keep the people as friends and change their outlook on what a "gay" person is."

Here is his web site and he also has a blog that he doesn't update too often). If you are a gay NASCAR fan give this guy your support.

And visit Good information there about inclusive NASCAR.


Evan said...

Hey there, I promise to update my blog more often...I am still looking for support and may be trying to transition to oval track racing.

michael said...

hey, I love Jack at Gaytona, but also check out

it updates daily, lots more than just racing.

ps; GOOOO Evan!

Joe said...

Thanks for visiting. I love your "guys and cars" photos. Your site looks great.