The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, April 14, 2008

Bessemer Crime

I know that crime happens everywhere. I have a friend who lives in one of the communities of North Shelby county whose home was broken in to, and there have been cars stolen or broken in to at the malls of Hoover. But when crime occurs in your own neighborhood it is more than just a statistic.

My neighbor that was almost hit by the speeding vehicle on the wrong side of the road the other day now has had his car stolen from right in front of his house between 1 and 3 Saturday morning.

The car is a cream colored 1984 Olsmobile Delta 88, 4dr with VIN# 1G3AN69YXEX387804 and tag # AS64421. It was last seen, by a witness that night, turning left into one of the housing projects on Dartmouth Avenue.

He left a comment on Disregard of the Law in Bessemer but I am reprinting it here.

I live on Dartmouth and think this is a major issue! My car was stolen Saturday Morning, the window was broken out of our truck and radio stolen less than a month ago and I am the guy who was almost hit by the car! I also think it would be a good idea to install speed breakers evey 500 feet on the Avenues. The streets all have stop signs where they intersect the Avenues, therefore speeding is not really an issue except maybe on 19th street. If you slow these people down they will find a faster way to get where they are going. It will also impeed the big truck traffic! Hopefully they will find the faster way is by following the railroad tracks through the brickyard intersection and then down Carolina Ave to Hwy 150! Decreasing traffic also decreases crime.................IMO!

Speed, noise, litter, theft is becoming a way of life on Dartmouth Avenue. It's hard to be a community promoter who tries to convince people to move into historic Bessemer to help our city recover, when all around us the thugs and hoodlums are contolling the streets.

We were told last week that police patrols would increase. I worked outside almost all day Friday and most of Saturday, and did not see one police car. Are they afraid to come into the area or what? Maybe we will get some answers tonight at the Bessemer Neighborhood Association meeting (7 PM at New Grace Covenant Assembly of God, 830 Briarwood Drive, Bessemer, Al 35020). See you there.

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