The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Protests in San Fran

I am 100% behind the protests being waged as the Olympic torch travels around the world. Here is video of the Golden Gate Bridge incident. I do have questions did these guys get around the security and all to do this. This report says it took them 45 minutes to unfurl the banners.

Tibet is only one of the many reasons to protest against China. Let's see, human trafficking, lead paint on toys, dangerous chemicals in prescription meds and toothpaste, exploitation of workforce, baby killing, Tiananmen Square.

I walked across the GG Bridge once, and I felt a little nervous just looking over the edge. I can't imagine climbing and doing this. I get nervous on a ladder hanging Christmas lights.

About 80 people will carry the torch while it is in San Fran, and one is HIV positive gay Navy Veteran John Caldera. Here is a report.

In this report, the news reporter actually talks by cell phone to one of the protesters, Laurel Sutherlin, as Laurel hangs on the bridge with a flag. No hands, as one is holding the phone and the other is waving to the camera at the request of the reporter to confirm that is who she is talking with.

Now I don't really support boycotting the Olympics. Let the event proceed, but hold protests every day is what I say.

I promised flower pictures so here they are. Sorry it has taken so long. I no longer have use of my laptop, so blogging is not as convenient, nor is editing pictures, but soon I will get a new laptop (notebook I guess is the preferred term these days).

Dogwoods have been in bloom for the last two weeks, but still hanging in there, in spite of all the stormy weather.

Wisteria Lane...not quite, but close.

Irises are continuing to open, different varieties open at different times.

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