The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random topics and Jamaican Flowers

This should be posted under "Things I should have posted earlier in the week."

On August 30, 2007 at 6:30 P.M., the Bessemer Downtown Redevelopment Authority in cooperation with the Auburn University School of Architecture’s Urban Studio will sponsor a public forum at the city hall auditorium to solicit public input for a revitalization plan for downtown Bessemer.

I hope this effort is more successful than the TVA Strategic Initiative meetings that were held a few years ago, which produced wonderful, doable recommendations for downtown, and were then immediately ignored by the leaders of the city. Then there was B3, which had a few meetings and brought in highly respected consultants to help plan and implement improvements in several areas including downtown, but their offers were completely ignored by the leaders of the city.

At any rate, there are those of us who still believe that Bessemer's downtown can be revived. But people have to realize that it can not be what it was 40 years ago. And it probably can't be like downtown Hartselle, with its numerous antique shops and Willieburgers. But it can be something special and inviting, with a few antique and trendy shops, an art gallery and studio or two, and some little restaurants and a coffee shop.


Birmingham City Council member Joel Montgomery's pubic intoxication charges have been reinstated because he failed to show proof he sought counseling, part of the deal that resulted in the charges being dropped. In fact, Montgomery's statement that he has "never been to alcohol rehabilitation and have no reason to enroll in any alcohol rehabilitation" was what led prosecutors to reopen the case.

Imagine tripping and falling off a curb. You instinctively extend your arms to break your fall and/or use your hands to protect your face. Now imagine falling like that when drunk, and if you did, your reflexes would be slowed and maybe you wouldn't break your fall or protect your face. Now look at this picture. Drunk or sober?

The Western Tribune reported last week that a suit has been filed against the pastor of Broken Vessel Full Gospel Church regarding breach of contract from a business deal in Homewood in 2006. I would not report this had it not already been published, but you remember how pleased I was that the church was being restored and I am certainly glad to see the historic building being put to use. In fact we use the church for our Bessemer Neighborhood Association meetings and several of their members and staff are active in that group.

So here is the message that appeared on the church sign after the story was published. Hmmm.

Here are a few pictures from Jamaica.

This last picture was taken after the hurricane.

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