The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Carol Duncan and Larry Craig

The both have the honor of Quote of the Day.

Quote of the day...local:

Birmingham City Council person Carol Duncan and Mayor Bernard Kincaid got into it yesterday at the council meeting. She had planted one of his campaign signs in the chimney of a burned out house to bring attention to the lack of action in clearing the lot. She called the mayor a liar. But the quote worth repeating is "I could have had a rat gnaw it (the abandoned house) apart by now."

Carol we feel your pain. Although we recently celebrated the demolition of the building on 19th street (Video ),it took years to get it done. And we look forward to the Jones Carpet building in Jonesboro suffering the same fate. Soon. But, during the time we waited, chunks of the 19th Street building did fall in. Rats? Maybe they were working on it.

Quote of the day...national:

has to go to Senator Larry Craig (Republican - Idaho) who entered a guilty plea (usually indicating guilt) regarding his attempted hook up in the men's room of a Minnesota airport. "I am not gay and never have been gay." What is worth remembering, however is the most likely quote from his thoughts following that statement. "I am not gay and have never been gay. I just like d**k. "

I mean really Senator. Here is what I think happened. When the incident occured, he had a flash of brilliance and integrity, and decided to be honest with himself and those around him, admit to what he did and come out of the closet. Thus the guilty plea. Then republicanism took over, and he realized that out republicans don't stand a chance (notwithstanding Jim Kolbe) and that the republican way of lying and deceitfulness was more honorable (in his mind) than being honest about himself.

Just my take on the whole thing.

There is lots to read in the Idaho Statesman. Of course, this is not the first time for him.

Here is what I want to know. As far as I know, it is perfectly legal to go into a bar or club, and cruise for sex, whether gay or straight, and approach someone and strike up a conversation and leave together and do it. You can do the same thing at Books-A-Million (I only know about this from hearsay) or Brunos (at Wildwood) or at your church covered dish supper. Or on Planet Out, myspace, facebook, aol, yahoo, etc. But if you are in a rest room or at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge you get arrested. I mean, I understand arrest if you are actually publicly engaged in the act, but Craig wasn't actually exposing himself or anything(yet)...what is wrong with indicating that you want to have sex with someone...for all we know he would have asked the man to go to a room or something. Granted, indicating that in a men's room might get you knocked in the head or something, but I still don't see what should be illegal about it.


Anonymous said...

He probably was arrested for breaking the cardinal rule of male restroom etiqutte: talking to another guy while in the bathroom. It's just wrong man.

For those not familiar with this rule (you ladies) here is a educational video about the dangers of male upon male restroom conversation:

Joe said...

Great video.