The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stuff From All Over the Place

If you are here looking for Jamaica info…you will have to scroll way down, because below this post I have posted the last two Western Trib columns. And yesterday, if the cold/allergies/whatever didn't have me down, the Dayquil/other meds I was taking for relief really messed me up. Feeling better today, but I will still use "medication" as an excuse for any weird thoughts that end up in this post.

You all must think I have lost it…Karl Rove resigns and I don’t comment…

Alberto Gonzales resigns and I don’t comment... Circumstances prevented me from doing that, but believe me, when Dick Cheney resigns I will make a beeline to a computer to comment .

Maria sent me this info I want to share. If you go to google and do a search on your phone number with area code and dashes (555-555-1212), you might be surprised at what comes up. In most cases, unless you have an unlisted number, or it’s a cell phone number, your name, and address and even a map will come up.

Now what if somebody gets the phone number from your kid. Then they have an address and a map to the house.

You can block your number from this service by clicking on the number and choosing to have your number removed from the service.

The Birmingham News reports that Michael Vick “found Jesus” during his recent ordeal. (Sorry, no link because is so hard to navigate and I'm not going to spend 30 minutes trying to find a story that has a headline on the print edition sports page but does not garner a mention on the online sports page). He expects redemption in part because of that, and I can just hear Saturday Night Live’s church lady now, “How convenient.” I personally think he is getting off easy. Now if dog fighters in Bessemer suffer the same fate, I will be pleased. Bessemer has been deemed the worst city in the state for dogs while the mayor says we don’t have a dog problem. Hmmm.

Ok here’s one. This guy in LA claims he was fired from an AIDS fundraising job for being straight. Article .

I have long wished that I had the money to open a business, like a restaurant, that catered to gays and then I could refuse to serve straight people, or even people who “appeared to be straight,” and maybe even a fire a straight waiter (is there such a thing?) or two. Like at IHOP, if a straight couple kissed, I could ask them to leave, saying we don’t want “their kind of people” in there. Just to show how ridiculous discrimination based on sexual orientation is. Straight people would then learn that like gay people, they have no recourse from this type of discrimination.

To those who might be concerned about my investments…don’t worry, I’m not really gonna do that. But it would be an interesting experiment.

Word is that this site is being blocked by UAB. If anyone accesses it from a UAB server, please let me know.

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