The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jamaica: After Dean

We did not venture out Sunday night after the storm because gusts were still occuring and things could still be falling and flying. Also, there was debris and nails and power lines down and even with flashlights (torchlights they say) it didn't seem safe.

So Monday morning we ventured out. Palm trees are made for hurricanes, because few were down. Their leaves were shredded and some of the leaves broken or stripped off, but the trunks were standing, and they will survive. This is outside our room. Deciduous trees seemed to suffer more.

Wooden manmade structures are not made for hurricanes, as this arbor did not make it.

It takes a strong wind to blow a chain link fence over...seems like the wind could just go through it.

These chunks of wood almost made it through the fence

We use chain saws...they use machetes. The guy on the bike is security.

The streets of Kingston were littered with debris and downed power lines. but the Kingston residents are right back in business, as this fruit stand has reopened and has a customer. People have to eat.

Small shrubs and flowers did not fare well. Before and after. I think this one will be blooming again before summer ends.

But the day we left the sun rose on beautiful tropical Jamaica tempting us to find a a way to stay. But that temptation didn't last, and soon we were on our way to the airport. Once there, power outages (don't you think a generator at an airport would be a good idea?) caused delays and frustation among the hundreds of passengers. But the airline employees had the upper hand,and held their composure even though they had to process each passport and write out each ticket by hand.

The air was still and hot and the waiting areas were dark and we sat for a couple of hours with ipods and cameras. We sweated and we waited with the masses.

Finally our flight number was announced and we made our way to the plane, confident that within a few hours we would be home.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Good to you're in one piece.

Anonymous said...

This ad to be frightening. Glad you guys made it back okay.