The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Friday, August 3, 2007

No News - Just Fun

Today I have my last class of the semester!!! I still have a test to take and a project due in another class (which I will finish up today or tomorrow), and I won't get my grade in another class until we get back from Jamaica, but as far as I am concerned, it's over!

Maria sent me this, and it is just the greatest thing, especially if you like art. In 5 minutes, this guy does something remarkable. Watch We could use this guy at Bessemer's Art in the Park.

Want a Mercedes convertible? Birmingham AIDS Outreach is practically giving one away. For $25 you can purchase a chance to win this car. Only 750 tickets will be sold, so chances are pretty good. The car is a 1983 380 SL Mercedes. Sure it's a few years old, but can drive it away on Thursday, August 9.


Have a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

"We could use this guy at Bessemer's Art in the Park"
we could USE bessemers art in the park