The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Amazing Race

I have never watched reality shows. Well, I take that back. Sometimes I get hooked on The
Real World, mainly to see how the cast responds to the gay (and now transgender...Katelynn Cusanelli in the current season) members, beginning with AIDS activist Pedro Zamora back in 1994, the third season.

Pedro, a film about his life, is being screened in various locations...not here...yet.

(Can you believe there have been 22 seasons of The Real World? It's the longest running series on MTV.)

Anyway, the promotions for The Amazing Race episode Sunday sucked me in. That plus we wanted to watch Cold Case, which due to the basketball games, which delayed Sixty Minutes and everything thereafter, would not start until 8:48. If we watched anything other than The Amazing Race our timing would be off, and we would either miss the end of a show or the beginning of Cold Case. And its not as if we could do something other than watch TV, like read, during that hour. No.

But The Amazing Race had its contestants in India, and so they drew on the interest generated by Slumdog Millionaire (again, if you haven't seen the movie, you should). I recalled that a few weeks ago I had learned that Mel White and his son would be on the show, and sure enough, they are still competing. Mel is the 68 year old gay rights activist/clergyman/author and his son Mike is a writer/actor.

Mel also wrote What the Bible Says - and doesn't Say - About Homosexuality . You can read it for free at that link. There are several readers of this blog who could learn from it. Then they could comment on a post that actually is about homosexuality rather than promoting their uneducated and ill-informed comments on posts that don't even concern sexuality (that refers to comments on the recent post about Arlington School and my family). I will ask, but don't expect compliance, for them to read the link before they post.

Anyway, Mel and Mike came in second on Sunday's show. Now I'm hooked, I will have to keep up, either by watching or checking online.


Anonymous said...

I LOVED Pedro !! He was my favorite person on Real World that season. I was sad when he passed away.
I hope Katelynn does well....she is one tough cookie.

Anonymous said...

Did you happen to watch Perry Stone on TBN last night? Entire 30 minute episode with historical evidence about Sodom and the homosexual sin (out in the streets) that brought it down. It was great. you really should watch it Joe.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I saw it. Perry Stone is incredible, and he actually uses FACTS and historical writings to back up what he teaches. It was impressive. Unless you're gay.

Anonymous said...

i didnt see the show but i do know that there is historical evidence that : people came over here and killed a lot of the natives and moved the rest from their homelands..that people here brought others here from their homelands and forced them into slavery...that a lot of women have been killed and tortured as witches...that innocent people have been executed as a result of capital punishment....and on and on...comments on these???????
no need to go into "what i saw on television"

Joe said...

Isn't it interesting that they just can't seem to comment on the post of they day?