The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Better Boys, Spring Break, and Bessemer Improvements

My Better Boys have sprouted. This is the first time I have grown tomato plants from seed. These will remain in these peat pots for several weeks, till its time to transplant them to the garden. The package describes the fruit as smooth and firm, and they should be ready to pick in 70-75 days.

I tried to convince someone that with the Palm Trees the deck was just like Key West.

It was pointed out that something was missing:

These "better boys" are smooth and firm too, and appear ready for harvest now. Actually they were on the Florida beach a couple of years ago, but you get the point.

But wouldn't Key West be a great place to spend Spring Break? Many people have cut back on Spring Break travel plans...we sure don't have any.

In Bessemer

A great story in The Western Tribune about plans to improve the Hillside Homes community, a public housing project in Bessemer. This is a $2.9 million project, a grant that is part of the Recovery Act. Here is what HUD says about the Recovery Act and the portion from which this project is derived. (Emphasis is mine)

"The Recovery Act includes $13.61 billion for projects and programs administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, nearly 75 percent of which was allocated to state and local recipients on February 25, 2009 – only eight days after President Obama signed the Act into law. Recovery Act investments in HUD programs will be not just swift, but also effective: they will generate tens of thousands of jobs, modernize homes to make them energy efficient, and help the families and communities hardest hit by the economic crisis...

These investments are powerful vehicles for economic recovery because they work quickly, are labor-intensive, create jobs where they are needed most, and lead to lasting neighborhood benefits. Many will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save Americans money by retrofitting housing to make it more energy efficient.

Public Housing Capital Fund: $4 billion invested in energy efficient modernization and renovation of our nation's critical public housing inventory."

A very important and satisfying part of this announcement is that a police substation will be included in the plans. The Western Tribune article mentioned the four murders that occurred nearby two years ago and neighborhood reaction. Read about it here, on my post about the rally after Josh Hughes' murder . This was back during the time when a local TV station declared Dartmouth Avenue "the most dangerous street in the state." Neighborhood residents were livid at the response by the city. Read it.

From the Western Tribune, "Hillside will be a totally different neighborhood in no more than three years."

That may not be all that is different within three years. Bessemer has elections for mayor and city council next year, in 2010. I'm just suggesting...


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that a police substation will be opened there. A couple of years ago the mayor said none was needed, and to avoid any more homicides we should just pray harder. Praying is always good, but having some more police around can go a long way to stopping senseless activity by young thugs. And win for everybody.

Anonymous said...

The police chief has been looking into having a substation placed in the area for a couple of years now. The cost and finding a suitable location that has met the departments needs and a continued funding source to operate has been the big hold-ups.

Joe said...

Anonymous 1: Of course I noticed...I mentioned it in the post. also, the bit about praying harder was in my link to the previous post. Thanks.

Anonymous 2: Right. I think the mayor may have been a hold-up (what a play on words) because like I we witnessed two years ago, he said it isn't needed.

Anonymous said...

I should have elaborated a bit. The mayor hasn't helped any (he is the original Mr. Obstruction) but the chief has at least realized that additional police presence in the area is needed. The mayor tends to ignore such issues despite being reminded of them constantly by his lordship's staff.

-Anonymous 2