The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Republican Catfight and A Lesson to be Learned

The Birmingham News arrived today but only after I called.

It could be that we have a new carrier, and she or he is not accustomed to the route yet, because it seems to be coming earlier and earlier. They say, however, that the paper is supposed to be delivered before 5:30, so if we get up at 6:00 and the paper is not on the sidewalk at that time, they are getting a call.

My column this week in The Western Tribune is about Bobby Jindal and the Republican Party in disarray. I realize now it is not that the Republicans are looking to people like Jindal for leadership. No, their main problem is Rush Limbaugh.

Rick says it's like a catfight? Oh goody. Like Alexis and Krystle? How fun!

"What are your plans? Then again, who gives a damn." That's Krystle's attitude, seems to be Rush's too.

I Would Be Livid

When the kids were young, back in the 90's, we debated about investing in Alabama's Prepaid College Tuition Program, but we didn't.

Now program managers are "scrambling to find ways to keep paying student's tuition." Story here

Asked whether the program might simply fail, Fitch (Gregory Fitch, Chairman of
the Alabama commission on Higher Education) on Monday said: "That's a difficult

The funds are not insured, or guaranteed by the FDIC, the state, the Program or any state or federal agency.

I wonder, if Alabama had a lottery funded tuition program like certain other states around us, if the higher education of thousands of kids would not be in jeopardy now. I spent a few minutes looking for some info about the status of the programs in Tennessee and Georgia, but could find nothing negative. Not a complete search, but nothing popped up.

There is a lesson to be learned here

Republicans, listen. don't mess with Social Security by suggesting a plan where individuals invest their money. Can you imagine, I mean seriously, if such a plan had been in place during the recent downturn, the trouble that seniors would be in now?

If ever, in the next 50 years, someone suggests privatizing Social Security, please respond with "2009, 2009, 2009."

Entertainment Corner

Last night Jimmy Fallon took over as host of Late Night. Was he funny? Need more time to develop to the concept of late night host?


Anonymous said...

The Birmingham News saga continues for my parents as well. They delivered the paper at 11 after a call yesterday. Today after a call it arrived at 9. My brother put a giant sign in their yard yesterday afternoon, but apparently the carrier cannot read that he should throw the paper for them.

As for PACT, I am thanking my lucky stars that I did not have the money to put away for my two sons then, and ended up just saving money for them in a regular account and now in Cd's. One is almost done and still five years to go before the other one is ready to go.

I agree with you on SS. But who knows what will happen. Medicare has me worried as well.


Anonymous said...

I recieved a paper the day after I cancelled. Note: I'm not in Bessemer, I'm in Southside.

Drew said...

We still get a paper a few times per month although we have never subscribed!

Anonymous said...

I think I have scared the people in the BN circulation department. My parents have received two more papers today. So now they have four. Three re-deliveries and the one that I took them at 8 am. I just hope they get ONE in the morning.

On Saturday, several of the neighbors who do not subscribe got a free paper. I guess they were hoping one yard belonged to the complaining people (me).


Anonymous said...

Poor Rush. Bless his heart... He can't help it.

Great catfight! I hope Michael Vick is not following you blog.