The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Truth About Rush and the GOP

Today one of the best letters ever to the Decatur Daily was printed (the best might have been mine, printed a couple of years ago. I might dig it up someday). It's from Mick Hubbard of Hartselle. Way to go Mick, email me if you want to contribute on Bessemer Opinions from time to time.

His letter:

To: The Daily

While watching the CPAC convention and the new Republican Party leader, Rush Limbaugh, one thing that was proven last week was their motto really is “We Know What’s Good for America.” Yet during the entire week, Limbaugh and his fellow travelers remained in total denial of the fact that the GOP caused (yet another) great GOP recession.

Thus for the 21st century to date the GOP has:

  • Supported communism by selling out the American economy to the threat of control of American capitalism by communist China.
  • During the last three elections the GOP proved continuously that its dominant cultural values are defined by its core constituency that still practices a culture of hate.
  • For the better part of this decade, GOP leaders such George Bush and Dick Cheney and Republican congressional leaders used lies about weapons of mass destruction and promoted government surveillance and control with increasing encroachment on the rights of the individual. When a hospitalized and morphined John Ashcroft wouldn’t even sign the permission slip to allow this sort of thing, the Bush administration went ahead with it anyway.

So today, the newest GOP leader Limbaugh is promoting a CPAC ruling elite dedicated to wielding total power over America by continuing to practice Adolf Hitler’s motto: “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

For all of the talk from Republicans about how the conservative agenda got away from the leadership, these same people were complicit and apologetic while it was going on.

It’s time the Democratic National Committee got back to “Fighting Like Hell for the Living” or the GOP will produce “1984” at last — a course the Bush autocracy set America upon, which Limbaugh’s GOP is dedicated to perpetuating and a continued destruction of the middle class, much less the least among us.

Mick Hubbard



Anonymous said...

Just a note: China in currently communist in name only. The US is arguably already more communist than modern-day China.
I would suggest people not fall into scapegoating an "other" to make a point in criticizing a person or group.

Anonymous said...

You could say "supporting authoritarianism". Seems an unimportant distinction to many, I'm sure. Either way, I still think attacking another country distracts from the issues at hand and ends up making more enemies than friends, and that China or any other country-bashing is usually a scapegoating of our own problems.