The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, October 6, 2008

What I've Been Waiting For

You knew it was coming. And there couldn't be a better time.

Some of you are too young to remember these hearings in 1990, or the criminal activity that led up to them, or John McCain's link to Charles Keating. This 13 minute video will get you up to date. Now, who do you want in charge of the economy? 747 Savings and Loans institutions failed, and the cost to taxpayers was $124 billion.

Robert Bennett, the Special Counsel for the Senate Ethics Committee said during the 1990 hearings: of the five senators here before you, Senator McCain had the closest personal friendship with Charles Keating. Their friendship predated Senator McCain's political career. Senator McCain also was the only one who received personal as well political benefits from Charles Keating.” [Senate Ethics Committee Hearing into the Keating Five]

Talk about poor judgement, relationships with questionable characters, in fact, characters who have served time in prison. Maybe they will bring this up Tuesday night during the debate.


Anonymous said...

Okay Joe, I was one of those "undecided" sit on the fence people and I made up my mind tonight. Count me for one more vote for Obama.
I've been listening and watching and I am now convinced that McCain would be disaster for the country AND I am fed up with Palin's mud raking and her Joe Cool 6 Pack crap. The woman is a know nothing completely lacking in substance, experience or knowledge. God help this nation if McCain were elected and died and she was at the helm.
Obama offers the best hope for the country and most definitly for the middle class American citizen. Because I am surrounded by nit wit Republicans and don't like to argue politics, I'll just sign myself anonymous....

Joe said...

Thanks for sharing, anon. Most likely you will be attacked anyway regardless of your anonymous identity.

Anonymous said...

Everyone....READ THIS.

If you want MORE of this crap to bring our country down, then go ahead and vote for Obama.