The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Intellect vs....

Some people work with their minds, others use "sweat equity" to motivate.

Paul Krugman is a Nobel Prize winner. Bill O'Reilly is a ...well, grumpy old man. Seems that there are a lot of those on the Right these days. Anyway, Tim Russert had them on Meet the Press in August 2004.

Those who are familiar with Krugman know that behind those scared puppy eyes the brain is always ticking. That's not to imply that he is scared of O'Reilly, Krugman always looks that way. Here, you can almost read his mind ( tax systems limit inequality...Bill, you are a blathering idiot...people think the rise in inequality was the result of impersonal forces, like technological change and globalization...not true...Bill you are making a fool of yourself, go right ahead...) as O'Reilly is throwing a fit. Watch here as the Spinmeister tries to beat up on the smart guy.

Look at how Krugman announced his award on his blog yesterday. Krugman


Now what about this. In the Birmingham News today Mike Perrin has an article about the University of North Alabama football team and coach Mike Hudspeth has worked to motivate his team. This year his theme is "Build a wall." They actually built a wall, and his point is that its not the bricks that give a wall strength, its what's between them, the mortar. "Our mortar consists of hard work, discipline, unselfishness, preparation, focus, so many things that go into the mortar."

Should have stopped there. The article goes on to describe how they built the wall.

"During two a day camp, after practice every player squeezed the sweat out of his shirt every day in a bucket. The bricklayer then bricked the wall up with each player's sweat mixed in with the mortar."

Sweat equity. Just a little yukky. But I guess it works, his team is 7-0 and ranked number 2 nationally in NCAA Division 2 football.

Maybe Auburn needs to build a sweaty wall.

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