The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, October 20, 2008


Terry Manning of the Montgomery Advertiser wrote a column about bloggers and their influence. Bessemer Opinions was (mis) quoted, but in a good way. We are "The Progressive Voice of Bessemer" and he wrote "The Progressive voice of Alabama." Well, as our influence grows, maybe so, I mean, the same issues face Alabamians as face Bessemer residents.

Read the column here.

Read all the interviews here.

In addition, a graduate program at a prominent university is including Bessemer Opinions in a research project. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

On Meet the Press yesterday, former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama for president. This high ranking republican gave high marks to Obama describing him as a "transformational figure."

"He displayed a steadfastness, an intellectual curiosity, a depth of knowledge and an approach to looking at problems, not jumping in and changing every day, but showing intellectual vigor. I think he has a definitive way of doing business that would serve us well."

He was also critical of the Republican party, which he says has become narrow, referring to the focus on Bill Ayers and the demonizing of Muslims by the party.

Here's the video, in case you missed it.

Powell is not going to campaign for Obama, but expect to see clips of this interview in Obama ads. And expect this to help influence military families and moderates to vote for Obama. Florida, Virginia, North Carolina.


Terry Manning said...

Sorry about the misquote.

Joe said...

No problem, Terry. The column was great

Anonymous said...

Terry, you didn't mention that Joe is a homosexual, ultra-liberal activist who only gives credit and is only fair to one side of politics. You didn't mention that he writes an article for a "paper" in Bessemer that is run by a convicted felon. You didn't mention that part of Joe's problem is that he is still disgruntled after an unsuccessful bid at City Council. Come on man. If you are going to report it all, report it ALL.
As a concerned business person and life-long citizen of this town, you need to know that the majority of us think that Joe is a joke.

Joe said...

And Terry, Apparently BBQBob is one of the former anonymous posters that I told you about.

Bob, I am sure Terry could tell I am gay from the interview, but he probably is not a predjudiced fellow like you. Terry also knows that I write for the paper, and if you read the interview I had with him, you will understand more.
I am not at all disgruntled about the city council election. The main purpose in running was to unseat the incumbant, and we did. The current council person is A-OK.

My position on the Bessemer Downtown Public Building Authority is plenty of involvement for me. Oh, that was by appointment of the city council, and the mayor was pleased to see me appointed, by the way.

As for thinking I am a joke, ha ha. I will bet you the majority of Bessemer residents agree with my political views and vote for Barack Obama.

How can you speak for the majority, by the way?

Anonymous said...

"Joe is a homosexual, ultra-liberal activist who only gives credit and is only fair to one side of politics."

Joe is indeed gay and pretty darn liberal. He has never hid this so your statement is not exactly a big revelation. I would also consider him an activist for his views and would say that most of the time he presents a fairly one-sided view of his politics on his blog. The keyword here is BLOG. A blog is kinda like a personal diary of ones thoughts and views. This isn't the Associated Press and Joe doesn't have to give equal time if he doesn't want to.

I come here knowing that I will not agree with Joe all the time but I feel that I get a pretty good understanding of Joe's arguments and opinions on whatever topic he chooses to write about each day. Most of the time the opinions that I have that differ from Joe's do not change but I have a better understanding of an opposing view and Joe, on occasion, has made me change my stance on certain topics or at least has made me look deeper into some things.

One thing I appreciate about Joe is that he allows people to comment on his postings. He puts up with near daily personal attacks against him but unless a post is completely unfounded (containing lies or untruthful info) or consists of hate speech or racist language he leaves the responses alone and will respond to them in an effort to correct or clarify.

You can post an opinion that differs from Joe's and if you post one that is not an outright attack, actually provide reference material and don't name call I have found Joe's responses to be receptive and cordial.

"You didn't mention that he writes an article for a "paper" in Bessemer that is run by a convicted felon."

This topic has come up before. Joe writes a free lance editorial that is run, at present, by one paper. That paper is run by an editor that has a much different political stance than Joe. I appreciate the fact that the paper presents differing opinions and have found that this paper has gotten much better since its incorporation. It is only one of five local papers that I read but I would consider it to be in the top three.

"You didn't mention that part of Joe's problem is that he is still disgruntled after an unsuccessful bid at City Council."

I have never known Joe to even mention his loss in the city council election. He ran in an attempt to get out an ineffective council person. He may have lost the race but the combined efforts of Joe and other candidates in that district achieved the goal of getting a new council person in place.

"Joe is a joke."

If BBQ BOB is who I believe them to be then I have heard numerous people say the same about you. However, I have defended you in those instances and will continue to do so. Calling someone a "joke" is lame. If you disagree with someone so much don't resort to 5th grade insults or by just stating the obvious (i.e. "their a homosexual liberal" which many people don't have a problem with). Actually talk about the policies and philosophies in which you disagree with, give references and try to use a civil tone.

Joe: Keep up the work you do on this blog. God knows I may disagree with you a good chunk of the time but I still believe that I learn from you.

Joe said...

Hey thanks OB. you know what...I have learned from some of your comments as well. I am surprised BBQ identified himself in that way. Will I still enjoy their pie?

Terry Manning said...

I sought (and typically seek) diversity of opinion. I don't know that I or anyone else learns much listening to people we always agree with.

Anonymous said...

EXCUUUUSE ME, but what does any of this have to do with Gen. Powell's endorsment of the President to be?
Once I got back from the OBAMA headquarters today, I started sending e-mails to my dozens of friends in the military along with the video from MEET THE PRESS. Now, that's e-mails to my military friends, both non-comps. & officers in Norfolk, VA.; Ft. Dix; Pensacola; Ft. Bragg; Ft. Rucker and Ft. Benning. AND I tried just to stay with those in, "battle-ground," states. Then I get here and OMG- Joe is GAY! Hold the presses at THE ADVOCATE, set-up the interview with Ellen and Oprah!!! And btw, I just learned that should PALIN not win the presidency (not a faux-pas) Alaska may secede from the union. Well,you mean Alaska might secede from the union? OMG, I never knew the state was a part of the US. I could have sworn that Sarah Palin said she could actually see Moscow from her front yard. I do hate it so for the Alaskan residents, since she'll be home again on Nov. 5th and likely get there by the bridge to nowhere. Not to worry, though, President Obama may just come for an official visit next summer. Please, though, don't get out your elephant hunting rifle. We've already seen what a vice-president can do with one of those. I'M VOTING FOR 'THAT' ONE!