The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Superintendent Gets Axed, Obama Gets the Nod

Here in Bessemer we are building a new High School to replace aging Jess Lanier. I wonder who will be leading the system when it opens. I only ask because the Bessemer School Board voted not to renew superintendent Deborah Horn's contract last night (and to buy out the remainder of her current contract). All Horn did was (1)raise the quality of education in Bessemer so that all seven of our schools make "adequate yearly progress" and (2) bring the financial reserves up to "second healthiest" in the state. Oh, and (3) improve the graduation rate at the "drop out factory" to 81 per cent. What more could you ask?


There's just really not much more to say about the election. Blogging for Obama has peaked, hopefully not too early. But anyone who has halfway kept up knows what the candidates stand for and who will leave you better off four years from now.

Gee Paw, even Opie says so. If the video does not here . Thanks, Jim.

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Chaz thinks so too. He says he got detention for writing this song...

This comes from back during the primaries, so there are references to Hillary.

My favorite line is:

"The senator from Illinois should be screaming White House Ahoy..."

Look for more election season music over the next few days.

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