The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, October 6, 2008

GLBT History Month

October is GLBT History Month. GLBT History Month highlights annually the achievements of 31 gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender Icons—one each day—with a free video, bio, bibliography, images and other resources.

Today, award winning writer Alice Walker is featured. There's a short video plus a written biography that tells of her achievements.

GLBT History Month

Visit each day to learn about famous GLBT Americans. You can look at past days, but can't look ahead, so a daily visit is necessary.

And just to make you feel better, if the election was held today Real Clear Politics has Electoral College (No Toss Ups) numbers of Obama/Biden 353 McCain/Palin 185. Since you only need 270 votes, it looks like we have a winner.


Anonymous said...

If this comes true and Barack Obama is elected president God help us all.

Joe said...

I'm sure what you meant to say was "God has helped us all," because it will be a blessing.

The economy will improve.
The war in Iraq will end.
The war in Afghanistan will be fought as it should be.
The environment will be protected.
The U. S. will regain respect.
Veterans will receieve better care.
Everyone will have insurance.
Education will improve.
Gays will gain respect and achieve equality.
We won't have to listen to Sarah Palin.

Not all immediately, of course.

Anonymous said...

OMG...let me get up off the floor from laughing. Oh man...I can't breath after reading all of that.

Economy will improve...LIE. It will continue to spiral down. Read this:

War in Iraq will end....even though we are NOT finished yet, we are winning thanks to the surge and John McCain.

War in Afghanistan will be fought as it should be...And just how is that Joe?

Environmnet will be protected....which mean gas prices next summer when you want to go on vacation will be $6 per gallon because the idiot democrats won't let us drill at home. Global warming due to SUV's b.s. will continue. LIE LIE LIE

U.S. will regain respect....sure (respect from who - France?)....b/c the countries that raise and train terrorists will know that they can come here and blow up our buildings and kill our people, and our "president" won't do a damn thing about it.

Veterans will receive better Joe?

Everyone will have insurance.....ah, wonderful. YET ANOTHER GOVERNMENT RUN PROGRAM. People will no longer have to actually WORK and BUY their own insurance, the government will make sure that everyone is covered, after all, that is what the government is GIVE us HANDOUTS.

Gays will gain respect and achieve equality...NOT in your lifetime Joe. NORMAL people realize that homosexuality is a choice (go ask your ex wife and children) and not deserving of rights.

We won't have to listen to Sarah Palin....ah, here is the ONE GOOD thing that will happen if Obama wins. IF (and that is a huge if) we survive the four LONG years of the Obama administration, people will be DYING to have Palin, or any other level headed conservative republican in the White House.

Fortunately, there is no way that Obama is going to win.