The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Poll Results and Hallway Restore

Poll Results

The poll results to the left are pretty amazing, even though the sample was small (n=51), and the method non-scientific. There were 26 votes for Obama (Already decided + decided because of Colin Powell), or, 51%. There were 22 votes for McCain, or 43%. Undecideds, including the person who was not yet registered, totalled 3, or 5.9%. I hope that person registers by today (in Alabama); did you?

This is very close to the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, which today had Obama at 50%, McCain at 43% , leaving 7% undecided.

This makes me think that Bessemer Opinions readers are a snapshot of the nation. Even though from my site statistics I know that readers come mostly from Alabama, I also know that I have regular readers in Scotland and in South Africa, as well as occasional readers from other countries, and they may have voted.

Since Barack Obama has left the campaign trail, I will leave the supporter trail and show some pictures of my hallway project.

Preparing the Walls

Here is what you have to deal with, multiple layers of wallpaper (on the ceiling also), cracked plaster, staples holding torn wallpaper together (and papered over).

This is the original wallpaper, from the 1890's. Beautiful, but it had to make the hallway dark and dreary.

This was the second wallpaper applied, hard to know what year, I am not a wallpaper expert. I would guess in the 20's.

This paper was probably added in the 1950's.

This was a neat find. Someone had penciled a three digit phone number on the plaster. This was in the area where, oddly enough, I could tell, an early wall telephone had been removed, and the plaster repaired. So the number is not from the time of the original plastering (ca. 1895). I don't know much about telephone history in Bessemer, except I have an old Recipe Booklet from the Circle No. 1 Ladies from First Methodist Church, which has one digit (Phone 3 Searcy's Market), two digit (Phones 20 and 21 Superior Ice Cream Co)and three digit (Phone 185, 186 Anderson's Cleaners - we still use them)and four digit number (Phones 1414 - 9131 J. W. Huddleston Prescription Druggist). This booklet was made sometime after 1927 (an ad for Bentley's claims "since 1927." )
It looks like "Randall + Miller Phone 415" or something close to that.

Re-doing the hallway, also means means re-doing this scary staircase which leads down to the dungeon...uh, basement. See how it looks like steam is rising? Hmmm.

Here the walls are repaired and ready to paint. That began yesterday.

More pictures when the project is complete.


Christine McIntosh said...

You might be interested in a couple of links: first, to The Economist's site to see how the world votes - or at least the Economist-reading world - and secondly to a photo taken last year when we were decorating our hall.

Joe said...

Great links Chris. Isn't that odd that your marks, and mine, were in the hallway. I've done the parlor, and dining room, and no marks in those rooms.

The world vote looks good to me!!

Joe said...

From Lipscomb Bohemian

i cannot imagine why you would paper or paint over walls like you
dicovered. people pay lots of money to fake things like that.
id leave them...cracks,,patches of wallpaper and all. seal it all
with clear. have a unfinished wooden table and chairs if there is
room or if not a wooden chair in which to sit and lean back against
the wall and a painting. burn candles. listen to music and eat bread
and cheese. and wait with your dog [or cat]
lipscomb bohemian.

Christine McIntosh said...

D'you know, I could imagine myself doing that if I lived somewhere warm where the rain didn't drip through the cornice as it's doing right now in a horrid spell of weather, where the draughts didn't whistle through the gaps in the floorboards (I don't actually have fitted carpets or laminate) - but here on the western penumbra of Europe I need my illusions of warmth and civilisation!

Joe said...

I might also...if I were operating an Italian restuarant and serving pasta and wine.