The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Sewer. What a Mess

There are not many options for Jefferson County to get out of the Sewer Mess (aren't all sewer's a mess?) but it is going to take a lot of convincing to get me to support taking money from education as has now been proposed. First a 1 cent sales tax hike for education that the citizens didn't even get a chance to vote on, and now a proposal to use some of that tax money for a purpose other than what it was passed for. (Can you say "Bessemer property tax passed for library expansion?")

If I am not mistaken this tax is supposed to be repealed in 12 years or so. Now if money is shifted from the you think the tax will be repealed? Taxes, once levied, have a habit of remaining, so here we go.

I wonder how many people have considered the huge debt that the residents of Jefferson County will ultimately be paying one way or another, and coupled with the 329 % increase in sewer rates over the last 11 years, are thinking that moving out of Jefferson County might be a good idea.

The thought has crossed my mind. I don't mind living in a state where the political climate is such that those in power are opposed to just about everything I believe in. In that situation one can stay and fight for what they believe in.

But in times of a floundering economy, with rising gasoline prices and grocery bills, can we afford to pay for the mistakes (criminal, greed or stupidity) made by elected officials? When we could just move a few miles away and save a wad of money? Of course, we wouldn't be in this historic home in this historic area, but it is something to think about. And if we moved further away gasoline expenses would go up since we would be driving more.

Oh well, still something to think about.

And will new people be considering moving into the county with this debt looming over them? Just things to think about.

This video is populations and technology and jobs and shifts in perception and reality. I only wish that the new fiber optic capabilites that are mentioned would be applied to Bessemer where dsl must stand for "damn slow lines". Is it just me or is anyone else who has AT&T (formerly Bellsouth) broadband seeing their service get slower and slower?

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