The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eliot Mess

Why would a smart, good looking man take part in risky behavior? Risky to his health, his relationships, his career and his dignity?

Well "we are all human" is the easy answer. But in a way, we are all encouraged to take risks, from early childhood on. If you don't take risks, you aren't going to get anywhere. It's just that some risks can lead to success, others can destroy you. And of course, we are not (or should not) be encouraged to engage in illegal risky behavior.

Bill Clinton's infamous explanation "Because I could" probably sums it up. People in power feel they can get away with anything. Presidents. Governors. Jefferson County Commissioners. Bessemer City Council members. Federal prosecutors in Alabama. But like Eliot Spitzer, they will learn.

Is prostitution really such a big deal? I mean, it is after all legal in two states. (According to wikipedia, “In Rhode Island the act of prostitution is legal as long as it happens indoors. Street solicitation is therefore illegal. Operating a brothel is also illegal. Prostitution is not regulated by the state of Rhode Island”. Of course, prostitution is legal in most counties in Nevada (not in Las Vegas or Reno, however, in spite of how it appears on CSI).
So it's not like prostitution is such a big bugaboo that no one considers it OK.

So could something positive could come out of this scandal? For one thing, David Paterson could become governor of New York. The current lieutenant governor would be only the second black governor of a state since reconstruction. In addition, he is legally blind (but can still play basketball? That, according to MSNBC this morning. Now what does this tell you about the innate abilities to play hoops based on race, but let’s not get into that?)

Paterson would be great for the GLBT community. As far back as 1987 he favored a hate crimes bill that included protections based on sexual orientation. He has supported marriage equality since 1994.

While Spitzer is also gay friendly, even before this scandal he carried a lot a baggage that affected his ability to get certain things done, and Paterson does not bring that hindrance with him.

The big lessons we should learn from this scandal is that poor judgment easily crosses party lines, and that disability does not hinder one from becoming an effective leader and a successful person.

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