The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

This is not Gay Bashing

That is what she says.

This is Representative Sally Kern of Oklahoma.

This Oklahoma state legislator says gays are for early childhood education so "we" can indoctrinate children.

She says we are infiltrating city councils to promote our agenda.

She says we are a greater threat "than terrorism or Islam" (apparently she thinks all of Islam is a threat, but that is another story).

She says she is not gay bashing. I'm about to throw up. Seriously.

She compares having gays in the community is like having cancer in your big toe, and will spread and destroy our nation. Listen

And I thought Alabama republicans were bad. Good Lord.


Anonymous said...

She sees and raises Spencer Bachus. What a bigot!

Anonymous said...

Well, its not our fault you're going after our 2 year olds.
just kidding, of course.

Joe said...

A reader in Pennsylvania sent this email to Representative Kern and gave me permission to post it here:

It is Sunday morning, when all god fearing people should be in church. Perhaps you are there as I write this.

If your staff dares to show you what I write I hope you will give it real thought. First, if you made your homophobic remarks which I just watched on as a politician, rather than a private citizen, you should be reminded of the separation of church and state. Remember that?

You began your talk with the comment that all lifestyles are not equal. Remember the phrase '...dedicated to the proposition that ALL men are created equal'? Know where that came from? Hint: A republican president, Lincoln, Gettysburg Address.

You commented that you have been a school teacher. If you poisoned and indoctrinated (your word) your students to hate - anyone - you worked twenty years as a disgrace to the profession of teaching and should be deeply ashamed of yourself.

You commented that being gay is against the bible's teachings. There are billions of us on this planet who are not christian and who - sit down for this one - do not believe in the bible, or in its teachings. If your bible is used to preach hate of others I question the definition of what it means to be a true christian. You have chosen what you consider the most damning parts of your belief - ignoring the parts that speak of love and acceptance - to stoke your own ignorance and the ignorance of your constituents.

'Studies show that no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than a few decades'. On what planet did you study history? What societies? Ever hear of ancient Greece? Ever hear of modern day nations: Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, France and now Spain that have 'embraced' the 'homosexual lifestyle"? Do you know that the enlightened state of Massachusetts has gay marriage? Do you believe (from your tiny Oklahoma perspective) that these modern nations, or Massachusetts, are in eminent danger of collapse?

Your raving that Islam (a religion, last I heard) is a threat to this country is profoundly insulting both to those who think for themselves and to Islam. Your ignorance of world matters or other religions is astounding. More, it is poisonous and dangerous.

You say that our schools indoctrinate our children. Why is it acceptable to teach christian values but not tolerance or respect for those who are different from us? Your argument of 'indoctrination' could be used equally against anyone who is not white, protestant, or English speaking. Variations of your words were used by the Nazis against the Jews during the holocaust.

'Gays are infiltrating city councils'... If this is true it is because this country is a still a democracy and the people (gay or straight) who sit on city councils were elected by informed citizens to be their representatives. Would you posit that a gay person should not be allowed to run for elected office? Maybe that privilege should be reserved only for Baptists? Finally, your list of cities run by gays is totally laughable. Have you ever made it past your state's borders to visit any of them? I live near Pittsburgh and can say from personal experience that it functions in quite a healthy manner on every level whether it is run by gays or potatoes.

In closing, I suggest you think very very carefully before you open your mouth and show your ignorance, especially about something of which you know nothing. You have opinions that are hate filled but they are only your ignorant opinions.

It is my hope that your next political opponent uses your comments - and your ignorance - against you in the next election and that you are removed from the power you hold to make way for someone who is more sophisticated, enlightened, intelligent, and accepting of the world in which he or she lives. In case you have not heard, it is the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

How soon until we hear about her gay affairs?