The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Announcements, Web Sites and Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney shows how little he cares about America at the end of the post.

Drew has established a new web site Historic Homes of America with hopes that the site will catch on all across the country. So far, a few Bessemerites have joined, and you are welcome to join too. Take a look at the great photos of the homes of Bessemer, and invite friends from across the country with historic homes to visit too. Join.

In Bessemer, on Tuesday March 25 at the Downtown Entrepreneurial Center, at 5:30 the Auburn University Urban Studio will unveil their Master Plan for Downtown Bessemer. All are welcome, and the plan in colorful map form will be available for those who attend. If you are interested in downtown, then come to this, because over the next few months and years various groups will be working to implement some of these plans. And let's get our leaders (or elect new ones) that are interested in

In Birmingham, tonight at 5:30, the Alabama Stonewall Democrats will meet at Los Amigos on Clairmont Avenue next to the Pig. If you believe in equality regardless of sexual identity, and think the Democrats are the best bet to bring this about (duh), then you need to be there. Our speaker is Barbara Buchanan, CEO of Planned Parenthood, who is very entertaining and informative. She spoke at one of my classes this month. Plus, you get to order a margarita.

Also in Birmingham, on Saturday March 28 is Birmingham Shout the gay and lesbian film festival. On the list of films this year is Sex Positive, Bi the Way, Chasing the Devil, Shelter and Spider Lilies.

See the web site for information about the films, times and tickets. All showings are at WorkPlay. this is the 3rd year for Shout, remember last year, Jeff Key's Semper Fi premiered here before premiering again on Showtime.

Ok, I promised Dick so here he is, responding to the statement "Two thirds of Americans say its not worth fighting."

"So?" he responds.

That is what he thinks of the American people. And he smirks as he says it.

Someone this morning said they are worried about republicans like Cheney getting pardons for indictments or charges or convictions that may come after they are out of office. He said he would certainly cast his vote for whichever Democrat makes a pledge not to pardon the republicans in this administration for any crimes they may be charged with. Good idea.

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