The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Florida Democrats Pick McCain

They might as well hand the presidency over to John McCain. By announcing that there will be no re-do in the state, the Florida Democratic Party will end up making so many democratic and wanna be voters mad that they won't even show up in November, effectively giving Florida...and the election to McCain.

Oh blame the voters themselves...that is what Karen Thurman, leader of the state party did. "The consensus is clear: Florida doesn't want to vote again. So we won't."

Florida democrats that I have heard on radio programs were not part of that consensus. I doubt the majority of Florida voters said "Let's leave everything in limbo and wait until the convention and see what happens."

Of course this all started because the state Republican controlled legislature changed the date of the Florida primary. The republicans saw an opportunity to screw the democrats, and now the democrats are just going to lie there and take it.

And now Florida Republicans are smiling:

"Former Gov. Jeb Bush has weighed in on the Democratic Party do-over dilemma in Florida, as well as several other topics, in an interview with Florida Baptist Witness Given the anger over the 2000 vote and the mantra of "count every vote,'' Bush said he finds it "ironic beyond belief" the battle over the Florida vote and said the Democratic Party created a hole of "their own doing."

"My thoughts are filled with irony that every vote should count," Bush said with a broad smile. “I mean this brings back memories of hyperbole and anger, mock anger …. It was a political circus for several years running, people trying to stoke the anger of a group of voters."

Come on Florida. Demand a solution from the national party, or create one of your own. "Throwing up you hands" is not a solution.

And in the garden:

Tulips are blooming.

For years I have trying to get a good Carolina Jessamine or Jasmine (I see it referenced both ways) to grow, and fiannly this one I planted two years ago is blooming. Just when I am making plans to replace the wire fence it is on, but we will be very careful...the vine will survive.
It is early for azaleas, but these two are jumping the gun. Notice the little bug peeking over the white one.

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